Steve DeBrota

Steve DeBrota – An American Federal Prosecutor

Steven DeBrota had an inquisitive mind. By day he worked as a beat cop but during his free time enjoyed building computers and using the internet to track criminals.

On November 17, 2010, he received a phone call with some of the most heartbreaking details he had encountered during a career that focused heavily on prosecuting child pornography and related offenses against children.

Early Life and Education

Steven Debrota earned both his undergraduate degree in physics and political science at Butler University before going on to obtain his Juris Doctor from Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law. Following this he was hired as an Assistant US Attorney’s office where he would continue working for 21 years.

He served as Project Safe Childhood Coordinator, Chairperson of Indiana Environmental Crimes Task Force and Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property Coordinator. Furthermore, he specialized in computer forensic evidence collection, having trained over 30,000 individuals both nationally and internationally.

Debrota and Cohen led a team that was successful in taking down Jared Fogle in 2015. Since then, their approach has been published in journal articles and they’ve been invited to give talks around the world about it – saving many children from abusive situations in which they had previously found themselves trapped.

Professional Career

Steven Debrota is an Assistant United States Attorney in Indiana’s Southern District. He specializes in white collar crimes, environmental offenses, child pornography and internet-related offenses. Steven earned both his undergraduate degree at Butler University and Juris Doctorate degree from IU Maurer School of Law.

DeBrota had been investigating cybercrimes for nearly a decade when he met Marc Rogers at a Department of Justice conference in Washington. They shared similar backgrounds in computer technology; both had dabbled with computers as hobbies and disdained traditional methods for collecting digital evidence that required central labs to process it; they devised their own method that allowed examiners to collect evidence in-field without altering files – an extraordinary breakthrough in criminal justice.

Personal Life

Steve Debrota, an American federal prosecutor specializing in child pornography and complex white collar crime. He has successfully prosecuted more than 30 cases with 100% conviction rates while training over 30,000+ individuals on computer-related crimes and evidence nationwide and internationally.

Asst. U.S. Attorney Steve DeBrota and Darin Odier, an FBI Task Force member who played an instrumental role in taking down Fogle, both spoke at the conference about how they used on-scene computer forensics to track offenders’ devices and computers.

On November 17, 2010, DeBrota received a call from one of his associates at his office in the Southern District of Indiana with some of the sickest details he had ever heard in his career: pictures and videos depicting children bound in sadomasochistic positions.

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