Steve Demots

Steve Demots

Steve Demots has held many roles during his career, such as Vice President of Professional Sports, Arenas and Partnerships for Paciolan. He has helped form long-term relationships with clients in live entertainment.

He has also participated in several exhibitions, such as Art Souterrain >> in 2015 where he received the Prix de la Vitrine Cultural for an Emergent Montreal Artist award and recognition by Cirque du Soleil for his textuelle VOX5 installation. Jana M. lives with him.

Early Life and Education

Steve Demots was born December of 1970. Currently living at 416 Plata Street, Newport Beach California 92660 for nine years after living at 55061 Pine Crest Avenue for 15 years prior, Calvin College graduate Steve Demots works at Paciolan a ticketing, marketing and fundraising company serving over 500 live entertainment organizations (he leads sales for them) as a ticketing, marketing and fundraising provider he is married to Jana M Demots who he met while studying business administration at Calvin.

Professional Career

Steve Demots serves as Senior Vice President of Sales for Paciolan, a ticketing and marketing solutions provider that serves over 500 live entertainment organizations. As part of his role, he creates new business opportunities while building long-term relationships with clients in college athletics, professional sports and arenas.

He joined Paciolan in 2003 and has served in a variety of key executive positions during his 17-year tenure, leading to significant company growth as well as multiple national and regional ticketing partnerships.

Demots is a member of both the International Ticketing Association and International Association of Venue Managers, serving on their boards of directors respectively, while also sitting on Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology board of directors. He graduated from Calvin College, is married to Jana M. Demots, and they reside at 416 Plata in Newport Beach, California.

Achievement and Honors

Demots’ career at Paciolan saw him head the business development team and establish long-term relationships with client partners. Throughout this time he managed some of the largest ticketing contracts ever signed by professional sports teams and arenas alike as well as performing arts venues and entertainment venues, in addition to overseeing numerous successful client acquisitions.

Demots was honored with Star Awards from Wisconsin, Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS), and Mile One Centre in 2013.

Personal Life

Steve was an excellent husband, father, and friend to all. His hobbies included biking, hiking, disc golfing, target shooting, stained glass artwork creation and home improvement projects and gardening – not forgetting his passion for stained glass art! Steve will be missed dearly by those he knew him best.

He possesses extensive knowledge in the live entertainment industry, from college athletics and professional sports teams to arenas. Additionally, he holds memberships in multiple industry associations as well as being active participants in ticketing partnerships.

He currently resides in Newport Beach California with his wife Jana and one daughter. Since January 2014 he has lived here; previously he spent 15 years living in Idyllwild CA before making the move here. At 52 he is still active as an athlete.

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