Steve Dilley

Steve Dilley

Steve-O is best known for appearing on television shows like Jackass and Jackass 2.5 as well as National Lampoon’s TV: The Movie. Additionally, he has done commercials for Sneaux shoes.

David Jones is President of Federal Tax Workshops, Inc in East Lansing, Michigan and renowned for his knowledge of financial, accounting and tax issues facing closely held businesses. He has lectured widely throughout both the United States and abroad.

Early Life and Education

Steve Dilley is the Founder and Executive Director of VETART, an organization which collaborates with military services on creative artistic engagement projects to express emotion and document experiences. With 35 years of experience helping Veterans, active duty military members, their families, and those affiliated with them he brings artistic engagement projects that help express emotions while documenting experiences to military servicemen and women as well as their families.

Avalon Salvadore serves as Executive Assistant to VETART’s Director and Founder, Steven Dilley. In her capacity she assists Veteran Artists with creative engagement projects as well as daily tasks and activities.

Mr. Dilley was born in Hebron, Indiana on October 8, 1876. He attended public schools before graduating high school there in 1903. When moving to Roswell in 1903 and starting up a furniture business there, his endeavors followed modern commercial lines with an eye to progress and growth at all times.

Professional Career

Steve Dilley is an HR professional with extensive project leadership experience. He holds both CIPD Level 7 Advanced and PRINCE2 qualifications and boasts exceptional relationship management abilities that allow him to deliver tailored solutions for customers.

Steven Dilley cradles what look like dusty tan rocks: aromatic white truffles from Alba, Italy that diners at his Neapolitan pizzeria Bufalina can have up to six grams shaved onto their dishes.

Dilley is the founder and director of Veterans Art Project, an initiative that empowers veterans and active duty personnel through creative artistic engagement projects that allow them to express emotions and record experiences creatively. Additionally, he serves as director for Bufalina restaurant that opened on East Cesar Chavez Street in 2013 in what was formerly an engine shop; popular for its delectable pies and comprehensive wine list.

Achievement and Honors

He was an avid bow hunter and animal lover who also enjoyed woodworking. A member of The Community Church at Cooperstown, he is survived by his wife Ella Mae Masters as well as their two daughters Katie Lynn Dilley from Utica and Crysta Nicole Dilley of Kennerdell.

He is widely acknowledged as a nationally renowned expert on the tax, accounting, and ethical considerations related to closely held businesses, having given seminars and webinars for accountants and attorneys nationwide. Additionally, he was president of Federal Tax Workshops Inc. before serving as professor of accounting at Michigan State University East Lansing where he taught tax accounting courses.

He is also a member of the American Philosophical Association and has written many essays for The British Journal for the History of Philosophy of Science and Studies in the History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, while possessing particular expertise in political philosophy and Darwinian evolution.

Personal Life

Dilley is not only an entrepreneur but also a professional stuntman and actor. He has appeared on television programs like Jackass and Wildboyz as well as MTV series Xtreme Truckers; additionally he has featured in several National Lampoon’s movies.

Dilley sought a small space with “a straightforward menu, to give me the best chance at dialing in quality and consistency.” As such, in 2013 he opened Bufalina, a Neapolitan pizzeria on East Cesar Chavez with an oven imported directly from Italy.

Dilley not only loves pizza, but is an avid bowhunter as well. His essays have been published in many philosophy and political science journals; his focus lies particularly with Darwinian evolution and classical liberalism.

Net Worth

Dilley made an impressionful mark at Wittenberg by founding Iota Beta Chapter of Delta Tau Delta fraternity and writing articles for both The Torch and Wittenberg Magazine. Additionally he joined Wittmen Crew as well as participating in theatre and music performances.

Dilley is widely respected for his expertise in financial, accounting and tax issues related to closely held businesses and has written many articles on these subjects. Additionally, he is frequently invited as a guest lecturer at Michigan State University’s CPA program.

Dilley became co-owner of Bufalina Restaurant Group in 2013, opening both locations – one on the East Side and one on Burnet Road respectively. As wine director at both locations, he continues to work at both. According to public records, his estimated net worth stands at $3 Million.

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