Steve Dillman

Steve Dillman, a Former Firefighter, Has Passed Away

Steve Dillman served with Indianapolis’ Fire Department as a firefighter, recalling going to a warehouse fire where his skin felt as if it were on fire – sweat poured from under his arms, around his groin, etc.

HDR Benefit Advisors was established by him, to offer employee benefits consulting in areas including client needs analysis, plan design, vendor management, experience analysis and wellness programs.

Early Life and Education

Dillman was found guilty of participating in a conspiracy to distribute PCP and other drugs throughout Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania through a distribution network. One of his co-conspirators Bart Peele was killed during an attempted drug robbery heist in 2000.

At sentencing, Dillman was found guilty of an offense level 34 and criminal history category VI; he received a three-point reduction for accepting responsibility.

The Daisy Dillman Band is an acoustic/electric fiddle/rock band consisting of Feagan on acoustic guitar and Stymie on vocals; their sound combines country with all out rock ‘n roll, punctuated by thunderous rhythm sections that complement high sweet vocals reminiscent of CSNY, Poco, or other west coast acts. Since their debut gigging and writing sessions began they have experienced much success both as performers and writers.

Professional Career

Dillman specializes in representing professionals licensed by the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, adeptly crafting compelling arguments on behalf of his clients to obtain jury verdicts for them. He has represented numerous physicians, dentists, nurses and lawyers before state licensing boards.

Dillman made an immediate local impact after graduating, serving as a research fellow with the Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs and publishing “COVID-19 and Public Transportation in Utah” as part of that institution’s publication effort in 2021.

He currently leads the strength and conditioning program for University of South Carolina football team, after serving as assistant coach with Alabama in which he helped lead them to two national titles within four years. Prior to that he also worked with numerous high school and collegiate sports teams.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Dillman received the Golden Hoosier Award in recognition of his lifetime service to Indiana. Following retirement, he continued serving his community by volunteering his time for both White River Township Fire District Board and Indianapolis Firefighters Museum Committee.

Steve also pursued a musical career. With The Daisy Dillman Band, he gained popularity on the local Minnesota music scene for their unique blend of country, all-out rock ‘n roll, electric fiddle and high sweet vocals that brought memories of CSNY and Poco.

Philadelphia Flyers and Dallas Stars earned this year’s Dick Dillman Awards presented by the Professional Hockey Writers Association (PHWA). These annual honors, named in tribute of deceased Minnesota North Stars public relations director Dick Dillman, recognize outstanding public relations staffs across each conference.

Personal Life

After retirement, he remained actively involved with volunteerism through membership on the Firefighters Credit Union Supervisory Committee and Indianapolis Fire Department Retiree Club. Additionally, he served on the Board of Directors for Emerald Society as well as advisory roles with Firefighters Cancer Support Network.

The FAC alleges that Vasquez tightly handcuffed Michael Dillman behind his back in a painful manner, leading him to experience an exacerbation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) while being transported to Tuolumne County Jail resulting in his need for inpatient care. Michael was an avid drag racer who passed on his love of drag racing to multiple generations within his family tree; he is survived by Terrie Frosty Dillman (his devoted wife) as well as many family members.

Net Worth

Betty Dillman leaves two sons; Henry Dillman III of Evansville and Rose Dillman from Frackville; two grandsons: Jason Dillman from Frackville and Tammy Dillman from Tammy Dillman (of Tammy Dillman), Jason, Christian, Daniel Dillman; four great-grandchildren (Ashley Wilkerson Megan Wilkerson Cody Peach); her special sister Dotsie Stephens of Pottsville as well as Mac Eidson from Quakake; brother Hubert Graham with Wilma from Evansville as well as numerous nieces and nephews who survived her.

Her death was preceded by her husband of 62 years; two sons; a daughter; one sister and two brothers. She was a member of First Baptist Church in Torrington where she enjoyed crocheting, flowers, sewing and reading as hobbies as well as cooking and baking with her family.

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