Steve Doddridge

Steve Doddridge – A Lifelong Hewlett-Packard Employee

He worked as a technical consultant at Hewlett-Packard and had an extraordinary passion for technology, quickly building close bonds with his coworkers who quickly became like family to him.

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Early Life and Education

Steve Doddridge was born February 7th 1984 in Coronado, CA to Jan Banks and Stephen Doddridge and attended Coronado High School where he competed in pole vault and participated in NHS, Student Council and Key Club activities.

He attended a private school run by Stott, an dissenting minister. Additionally, his life was strongly shaped by Philip Doddridge (solicitors) his uncle.

Alph was married twice during his lifetime. In 1884 he wed Maggie Commesa Cummings at Industrial, Doddridge County; this union produced six known children before they divorced later that same year. Following this he wed Delta McVicker (?-?) with whom he brought two stepchildren. Doddridge County boasts extensive land records which offer economic insights as well as details regarding family relationships.

Professional Career

Doddridge was an integral member of Hewlett-Packard team, building strong personal bonds with coworkers he considered family. With an eye towards technology’s future and eager to share his vision with others. A brilliant strategist and planner, his varied roles at HP were an enduring testament of his commitment and love for this organization.

At one point he worked as a dental assistant and co-founded Dentistry Just for Kids in Corpus Christi, Texas. His passion for his profession shines through in every work session he provides; encouraging parents to stay on top of their children’s oral healthcare. When not at work he enjoys traveling to craft breweries and wineries for tasting sessions; kayaking trips; taking his beloved pet Jeter everywhere with him!

Achievement and Honors

Doddridge has received several honors and awards throughout his career. These include being awarded twice with the NASA Exceptional Early Career Medal and twice winning the NASA Langley Center Director’s Medal for Excellence, in addition to receiving both a NASA Meritorious Service Award and Space Shuttle Boundary Layer Transition Flight Experiment Outstanding Performance Award.

He was also a three-time top-10 finisher in the pole vault at Coronado High School and currently lives in West Union, West Virginia.

Doddridge serves on the West Virginia Board of Education and as a member of Doddridge County High School District Advisory Committee. In addition, he holds membership with National Council on Teacher Quality as an ex officio member as well as being part of West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission.

Personal Life

Stephen Doddridge was an amazing and generous husband, father, uncle, and friend who will be missed dearly by those he had the pleasure to know.

Early in his life, he worked as a railroad track foreman with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and enjoyed hunting and camping trips with his family.

He was always fascinated with how things worked and would frequently disassemble his brother’s toys to learn their inner workings, leading him into trouble with teachers. This behavior eventually caused some problems for him at school.

He is survived by his mother, Victoria Parton Hill; daughter Stephanie Doddridge and step-daughter Brandi Doddridge as well as grandchildren Luc and Katie as well as his special friend Ian Stroup. Pallbearers will include Billy Henley, Jason Parton, Matt Parton as well as his former third grade students as pallbearers.

Net Worth

Doddridge has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars over time to Republican candidates and political-action committees in California. He initially launched the Great America PAC to support Rand Paul for president; however, Doddridge recently announced his transitional support will switch over to Trump with TrumPAC which will back the nominee but not officially affiliated with his campaign.

Doddridge made a $25,000 donation to the Washington state Republican Party, helping Bryant challenge Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee, in July. Democrats have exploited that donation as evidence linking him with President Donald Trump and his policies, even though Bryant has denounced him and sought to distance herself from them during her campaign for governor.

Doddridge currently lives with his wife Jessica in The Woodlands and they share two daughters together: Jayci and Audrey. In addition, their four fur babies – Cooper, Shelby and Enzo – also call this home.

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