Steve Dolphin

Steve Dolphin – Marine Mammal Rehabilitator, Researcher, and Conservationist

Steve Dolphin is renowned marine mammal rehabilitator, researcher, and conservationist. As one of the foremost dolphin specialists worldwide, his top priority is always the health and welfare of his staff and animals.

Once Harbor Branch receives a stranding report, Steve’s team at Harbor Branch will assess and take appropriate actions. For more information about their efforts visit their Stranding and Population Assessment Page on their website (link in Quick Links).

Early Life and Education

At an early age, Steve was extremely active. Out of concern for his safety, his parents sent him to Homestead High School at age 9. There, he took an electronics course that fascinated him but unfortunately clashed with its teacher; ultimately dropping it midway through ninth grade.

At Crittenden Middle School, Steve’s rebellious nature led to fights between other students and himself, with his sixth-grade report card noting he “lacked motivation”.

Steve embarked on his initial dolphin voyage from upstate New York aboard an unreliable 24 foot sailboat in the early seventies. Traveling down the Intracoastal Waterway towards Key West proved challenging; but periodic dolphin encounters helped break up long hours at the tiller and provide much-needed sustenance. Once in Key West he launched his jewelry business.

Professional Career

He is an accomplished marine mammal zoological professional who has designed, constructed and managed various dolphin laboratories, sea pen facilities, rehabilitation centers and life support systems. Additionally, he has played key roles in the successful rehabilitation, native reintroduction, post release monitoring of many whales dolphins and pinnipeds.

As an accomplished sculptor in his free time, he exhibits in numerous galleries in Portland, Cannon Beach, Coeur de Alene and Spokane – living with Sandra in Sandpoint Idaho.

He takes great pleasure in swimming and takes great care to learn each swimmer’s athletic, educational and personal goals as well as those of their families and siblings. His ultimate goal is to ensure they experience an optimal training experience – something he also achieves by leading Sherwood Sharks summer league team to success in its competitions.

Achievement and Honors

Steve and his staff at Harbor Branch continue to respond to strandings, and are actively engaged in community outreach, giving lectures at groups across the state. For more information about joining in this mission, visit the Quick Links section of this page to access HBOI Speaker’s Bureau and learn how you can get involved!

Dolphin Quest hosts its 21st Annual Conference at Kailua-Kona’s King Kamehameha Hotel, Hawaii. Dr. Sam Ridgway from Marine Mammal Veterinariary Institute serves as keynote speaker. Additionally, an IMATA Library was established and the inaugural promotional poster distributed. IMATA awarded two members, Jayne (posthumus) and Mandy Rodriguez, with its eighth Sonny Allen Lifetime Achievement Award.

The IMATA Central Office is established and staffed, the Honors and Awards Committee creates an award category for Education Conservation, membership reaches 1000, and Soundings begins publishing regional reports.

Personal Life

Steve Dolphin enjoys what many would consider the ideal job: working with marine mammals. His duties include responding to whale and dolphin distress calls and conducting population assessments (the scientific term for simply going out on his boat and looking). Steve has lived in three of America’s premier beach states: California, Hawaii and Florida.

As an accomplished artist, Macy Jozsef also practices bronze sculpture, producing limited edition and commissioned bronzes that have been featured in national publications as well as galleries across Spokane, Coeur de Alene, Portland and Sante Fe. Through this artistic medium he has helped fund Living From the Heart; an organization established after Macy Jozsef was diagnosed with breast cancer which provides human dolphin therapy experiences worldwide.

Net Worth

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Ross initially acquired 50% of the Dolphin franchise and Dolphin Stadium from Wayne Huizenga for $550 million in February 2008; then bought another 45% the following year to increase his ownership stake to total $1.1 billion. Furthermore, Ross owns RSE Ventures which provides private investments for sports and entertainment as well as media, marketing and food and beverage investments through subsidiaries like VaynerMedia and Relevant.

Ross holds investments not only in NFL assets but also Equinox Fitness and SoulCycle as equity stakeholder, Digital Domain Media Group as an investor, and other ventures.

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