Steve Faessel

Steve Faessel, 66, Hosts a Series of Talks on Parks, Public Safety and Homelessness for the Anaheim City Council

Steve Faessel currently represents District 5 on the Anaheim City Council and lives with his wife Susan. They have one son, one daughter-in-law and three grandsons.

Faessel is uniquely qualified by temperament, training and history to serve on the City Council, according to Jill Kanzler of S.O.A.R PAC. His dedication is evident as he advocates for neighborhoods and city services while understanding economic development’s benefits.

Early Life and Education

Steve Faessel is making headlines as host of several civic talks covering parks, public safety and homelessness – events designed to increase his profile ahead of his re-election bid in 2019. These meetings and their promotion serve to strengthen Steve Faessel’s position heading into next year.

Born into an Orange County citrus industry family in 1950, Faessel attended Anaheim’s St. Boniface Elementary School and Santa Ana Mater Dei High School – before earning his BA in Marketing from California State University Fullerton.

Faessel has served on Anaheim City Council since 2016, representing District 5. He also sits on the boards of directors for Anaheim Community Foundation and Planning Commission as well as Public Utility Board and General Plan Advisory Committee of Anaheim City Government.

Professional Career

Since 1975, Faessel has served as a continuing education instructor with North Orange County Community College District in the fields of electricity, electrical codes and utility systems. Additionally, since 1990 he has served on the Anaheim Museum Inc. board as its corresponding secretary; additionally as founding member and current Board Secretary at Muzeo Museum & Cultural Center.

Faessel is running for reelection as Anaheim Council District 5 representative, covering an area between Ball Road and the 57 Freeway. He has an impressive history of civic involvement within Anaheim and enjoys support from many Democratic Party leaders; however, some Aztlanista supporters, led by Councilman Jose Moreno of Aztlanista support group Aztlanista are trying to put pressure on Faessel over his refusal to support symbolic resolution opposing Department of Homeland Security’s proposed public charge rule changes that xenophobic public charge rule changes would xenophobic rule changes planned by DHS; Moreno seeks support in his corner from Aztlanista allies within his group while Faessel opposes many Democratic leaders as an ally, while Faessel stands up well against them all with strong civic involvement within both his Democratic party membership base and Democratic leadership support from his Democratic counterparts within his Democratic party base as his support network extends. But Aztlanista allies within councilman Jose Moreno has attempted to increase pressure by not supporting xenophobic public charge rule changes being proposed by DHS planned by DHS planned by DHS plans planned by DHS plans in 2016.

Achievement and Honors

Born and raised in Anaheim, Faessel has built his business from one store into a 16-store Crown ACE Hardware chain. Additionally, he serves as an instructor with North Orange County Community College District’s continuing education department, teaching electrical systems such as electricity codes and utility systems.

Since 1990, Mr. LeBlanc has been an engaged civic volunteer. As such, he has contributed significantly to preserving local history by serving on the Anaheim Museum Inc. board of trustees as well as Orange County Historical Society and MUZEO boards – as well as chairing both Anaheim Public Utility Board and General Plan Advisory Committee committees in Anaheim.

Faessel is participating in an active City Council campaign where the balance of power is up for grabs, competing against homeless activist Kenneth Batiste and education graduate student Sabrina Quezada.

Personal Life

Faessel is married to Susan Warden and has one son. Together they are active community leaders; Susan serves as vice-president of the Anaheim Community Foundation while Faessel serves local history by being past chair of Orange County Historical Commission and member of Anaheim Museum board; in addition, he founded Anaheim Muzeo museum serving as its founding member and current corresponding secretary.

Faessel represents Anaheim Stadium, Honda Center and Platinum Triangle business districts as the council member for district 5. He has an extensive record of community service and is endorsed by Support Our Anaheim Resort (S.O.A.R) PAC; in addition to sponsoring numerous town halls; one of his aides Crystal Norman worked for a lobbying firm which played an instrumental role in returning pro-Disney majority to council following last year’s elections.

Net Worth

Stephen Faessel, 66, makes around $170,000 annually as Anaheim City Councilman. He and his wife Susan reside in east-central Anaheim. He will seek reelection to his District 5 seat, covering Honda Center and Angel Stadium as well as much of Anaheim’s new development. He’s running against homeless activist Kenneth Batiste and education graduate student Sabrina Quezada, both claiming they will provide more of a community voice at City Hall. But according to disclosure forms he’s supported by both the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce and Anaheim’s largest public charter school; plus paid advice through FSB Core Strategies consulting firm which represents Municipal Water District of Orange County, Priority One Ambulance Service and Blue Shield of California among others.

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