Steve Gilliam

Steve Gilliam

Steve Gilliam began his career as a theatrical designer at Timber Lake Playhouse and Josephine Theatre. Later, he designed for three national Broadway tours of Fiddler on the Roof as well as 20 seasons at America’s largest outdoor theater – The Muny in St Louis.

He now lives an active life, beginning each morning with Seal Team Physical Training and performing regular exercises.

Early Life and Education

Gilliam attended East Henderson High School and worked at Kimberly-Clark. He was an active member of Upward Holiness Baptist Church as well as the Evansville Chamber of Commerce, leaving behind his wife, son, sister-in-law, nieces and nephews as he passed.

His and his wife Sam Carter Gilliam run SLG Design and Creative Talent, a theatrical design firm. Together they have designed over 45 shows together including three national tours of Fiddler on the Roof; SeaWorld’s Pets Ahoy; Cannery Row Capers and 20 seasons of St Louis MUNY outdoor theatre productions.

The DD Foundation empowers a new generation of organizers working for change in local communities by advocating for ending wars at home and abroad, free public education, community control of economic resources and release of American prisoners. Furthermore, the foundation stands behind Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

Professional Career

Steve Gilliam was a professional footballer for both the New Orleans Saints and Pittsburgh Steelers. Additionally, he was known as a stand-up comedian performing at well-known comedy clubs across cities in big markets across America as well as being featured on television programs Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search and Def Comedy Jam.

Krebs and Gilliam earned most of their income through public art commissions; although their works could not easily be sold, this money allowed them to maintain careers as artists.

Dr. Keshia Jackson Gilliam serves as director of Converse University’s online Master in Management and Doctorate of Professional Leadership program, offering real world perspectives in areas like motivation, personal/professional development, employee relations, team collaboration, community networking and authentic leadership. Her teaching pedagogy emphasizes real world approaches.

Achievement and Honors

Gilliam has designed for several venues such as Chicago’s Light Opera Works; Georgia’s Springer Theatre; Six Flags Theme Parks; Colorado Shakespeare Festival; Kansas City Starlight Theatre and many others across the United States and beyond. Additionally he was resident scenic designer at the MUNY in St Louis for over two decades, where his designs were enjoyed by 4 million theatregoers!

He received the Silver Shovel Award from the Gainesville-Hall County Chamber of Commerce and served as president of both the Hall County Board of Commissioners and Lake Lanier Olympic Venue. Lastly, he is survived by his wife Becky; daughters Leanne Ruby and Rebecca Sue; stepson Taylor Arnett Hussey and sister. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to Union Gospel Mission of Salem.

Personal Life

Steve Gilliam is married to Alecia Villocino and they share one daughter. In his personal life, Steve loves spending time with family and helping those around him; he serves as an mentor for individuals passionate about home building. Additionally, Steve holds both an undergraduate degree in finance as well as a State of Georgia Contractors License.

Gilliam is not only engaged in real estate investment but is also involved with numerous philanthropic endeavours and supporting Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

Katie and Steven both worked their way through college with hard work and dedication, taking four internships each and working on various projects. They believe hard work and persistence can reach any goal and encourage everyone to follow their educational dreams; proud alumni of Spartanburg Technical College and Converse University themselves.

Net Worth

Gilliam is also an accomplished scenic designer, with credits including Chicago’s Light Opera Works; Georgia’s Springer Opera House; Six Flags Theme Parks; Colorado Shakespeare Festival and Kansas City Starlight Theatre among many others. A member of United Scenic Artists Local 829, his designs have been enjoyed by more than 4 million theatergoers!

Gilliam’s coworkers remain stunned by his sudden and shocking passing, according to several of his supervisors surveyed by WAAY. James Bruce of Qualis Corporation described their profound feelings: “Total disbelief that something senseless like this could ever occur.”

Steven Spielberg is well-known for producing such iconic movies as Jaws, Jurrasic Park and ET. As three-time Oscar winner with an estimated net worth of $5.41 billion.

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