Steve Gillian

A Conversation With Steve Gillian

Gillian hails from New York and works as a writer, editor, producer, and host of podcasts. She loves podcasting so much she couldn’t believe that making them was part of her job description!

Gillian planned the burglary of a lake house by recruiting five younger boys to gain entry and steal a.38 caliber Taurus revolver from there.

Early Life and Education

Steve hails from Hawkins, Indiana. In high school he was known for being attractive and popular while having numerous crushes; although known for flirting with girls he never found lasting romances. Following graduation he found employment at Starcourt Mall’s food court Scoops Ahoy alongside former classmate Robin Buckley – whom he still kept in contact with regularly.

Later on, Lucas discovered that the house he and Max were living in was actually owned by Victor Creel – who had developed psychokinetic powers before killing both of his parents before being sent to Pennhurst Hospital for rehabilitation. While investigating Vecna, Lucas heard Nancy unveil Vecna as Henry from Hawkins National Laboratory who then became “One” — an entity capable of opening gates across Hawkins. Additionally, Lucas helped Lucas, Dustin, Robin use a smoke generator to trap Demodogs inside a tunnel.

Professional Career

Gillian worked as a Technical Training Specialist at Central Hudson Gas and Electric, which falls into Energy, Utilities & Waste industry. He had been with this company for two years.

Steve is an esteemed author with extensive knowledge in creating clear and precise documentation. His proficiency with minimalization principles enables him to reduce word count significantly and expedite document development cycles significantly.

Steve is an esteemed motivational business speaker and sought-after storyteller, honored to be featured as part of the Speaker Hall of Fame. He delivers motivational messages with charisma that are sure to reach even the most skeptical attendees, showing them how to open doors towards success in their careers, relationships and lives.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Gillian has built his multimillion-dollar company upon the same philosophy he shares with audiences: if you put people first, the business will take care of itself. Through presentations, books and audio products he has helped thousands of individuals and companies implement his philosophy successfully.

He is a member of the American Chemical Society’s Physical Chemistry Division and recipient of its award for undergraduate students studying this field. Additionally, his scholarship extends into Geographic Information Science.

John Strait and Ava Fujimoto-Strait received 2023 AAG Distinguished Teaching Honors for their exceptional teaching, mentoring and pedagogical achievements at Sam Houston State University. These honorees are widely admired for providing engaging, place-based and student-centric lessons; furthermore they are highly acclaimed for exemplary service to the profession as well as contributing to expanding equity and diversity within geography as a discipline.

Personal Life

Gillian is a mother to two young children. As both a dedicated wife and business owner, her focus lies in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Gillian learned compassion for people and strong work ethics from her highly principled Christian mother; these lessons informed both her speaking engagements as well as leading employees. Gillian believes strongly in taking good care in taking care of people before expecting anything to follow from those efforts.

Gillian is best known for the popular true crime podcasts Obsessed and Let the Women Do the Work. Additionally, she created Hamilcast – an interview podcast dedicated to Hamilton that features cast members, crew and everyone associated with Lin-Manuel Miranda in one weekly series. Gillian’s podcasts have amassed millions of listeners globally.

Net Worth

Gillian has an insatiable passion for business, investing and social change. As an author and speaker she has published various national magazines. Additionally, her book Detour: Enjoy the Ride Hide Your Goat: Making a Difference was featured as a bestseller list title.

She took full advantage of inheriting her father’s company, which operates a chain of bingo parlors. By using this opportunity to learn about business and expand it further, she honed her entrepreneurial skills while taking calculated risks with no fear.

She boasts an estimated net worth of over $500 thousand dollars and is best-known for her role on MADtv. Additionally, she has appeared in films and TV shows such as The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Additionally, she is mother to two sons and currently resides in Creemore.

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