Steve Gritz

Steve Gritz

Maxine Iola Gritz was an exceptional mother, wife, and grandmother – her memory will live on through her children and 10 grandchildren.

There’s more than meets the ear on this fast-moving big band piece. Be on the lookout for Greg Bissonette sight reading Steve’s pentatonic melody, as well as Oteil Burbridge delivering a stunning bass solo that shreds.

Early Life and Education

He not only hosts his radio show but also publishes “Center for Action”, an antigovernment newsletter full of conspiracy theories and antigovernment lore. Additionally, he sells various survivalist equipment ranging from booby traps to lock picking kits.

Keating’s portrayal of Gritz as an irrepressibly self-promoter who has exploited human lives to achieve his aims is clear. According to her, Gritz embellished his exploits, exploited backers for money, employed a psychic to describe an alleged POW camp and abandoned one of his men in Laos – among many other actions taken by Gritz – she concludes.

Stephen “Gritz” King hails from New Haven, CT and is a professional musician specializing in alto saxophone and keyboards. His musical style draws influences from soul, R&B, Neo-soul Broadway with folk touches. Stephen has recorded for multiple artists as well as producing several independent projects.

Professional Career

Gritz has used his military exploits to become an antigovernment folk hero among antigovernment movements, even courting white supremacist leaders and groups. He openly calls homosexuals “f——,” while propagating anti-Semitic ideologies about how Jews control the world, media, and federal government.

Bevandt has proven his mettle when it comes to mediating negotiations between federal agents and movement fugitives, such as his successful attempt at coaxing Randy Weaver into surrendering during the Ruby Ridge standoff in 1992. Additionally, he led four forays into Asia to search for POWs; but all have proven fruitless.

Kamiah operates a survivalist store and hosts a popular radio program on Talk America AM with four million listeners every weekday. Additionally, his website and newsletters promote his philosophies which range from lock picking sets to countersurveillance techniques.

Achievement and Honors

Christopher Vichiola is an esteemed listee who has been recognized for his service to the community and professional excellence across various fields. Christopher is an active supporter of Christic Institute law firm’s Iran-Contra LA Penca Lawsuit as well as enjoying camping, scuba diving and martial arts activities.

He has also been an outspoken supporter of the Green New Deal Environmental Lawsuit and an active participant in the ongoing Special Counsel investigation. Additionally, he is widely known for being an expert practitioner of Ninjutsu – a martial art that emphasizes throwing techniques.

He is widely acclaimed for successfully convincing Ruby Ridge standoff leader Randy Weaver to surrender after an 81-day standoff, which gained national attention. But hard-liners believe he has sold out his beliefs to become successful in antigovernment politics.

Personal Life

Gritz has long served as an intermediary for antigovernment movement fugitives, including appearing at Montana Freemen standoff in 1997 and recently visiting white supremacist Randy Weaver’s North Carolina cabin. Additionally, Gritz hosts a radio show and produces a newsletter filled with conspiratorial tales and antigovernment lore.

He sells survivalist products, such as rifles and handguns, as well as conducting well-attended paramilitary training sessions known as SPIKE, that spread fear among his followers. Furthermore, he has engaged in an unsuccessful search for American prisoners of war hidden by Southeast Asian and Laotian governments; according to Khun Sa’s testimony naming senior administration officials he claims that there are proof of such government activity hidden away somewhere within Southeast Asia or Laos.

Net Worth

Gritz makes his money selling survivalist tools such as lock-picking sets and self-defense techniques, in addition to hosting “Freedom Calls,” an AM radio show which boasts 4 million listeners weekly, and publishing an antigovernment newsletter that addresses conspiracy theories.

He offers his own brand of paramilitary training seminars that cover everything from close quarters combat to field interrogation – thousands of participants leave his seminars equipped with the knowledge and know-how needed to fight war, according to him.

Gritz has transformed his status as a Special Forces commando into something of a folk hero status among antigovernment movements. He’s flirted with white supremacist groups and preached anti-Semitic propaganda about Jews controlling media, governments and society at large.

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