Steve Harness

Steve Harness, a Life Coach and Patent Attorney

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Early Life and Education

Steve Harness serves as pastor of Wilton Baptist Church in Wilton, New York and boasts more than two decades of ministry experience. Additionally, he served on the Board for Up With People Global Leadership Development program.

He boasts over two decades of management and business experience and holds a master’s degree in Christian counseling.

In 2007 he purchased Cherry Creek Radio’s South Lake Tahoe-based KRLT/KOWL with minority investment from Stacy Lynn Driskill, currently afternoon DJ and General Manager of KRLT/KOWL. As a family man he enjoys reading the Bible, listening to music, drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee and watching New York Yankees and Memphis Grizzlies games; Natalie is his wife’s name; they have three children together.

Professional Career

Steven Harness is an experienced patent attorney, regularly working with engineers and inventors, in-house counsel, business managers and executives on various patent-related initiatives. His focus is to secure patents that further clients’ strategic business goals while standing firm against challenges arising during post-grant proceedings and litigation proceedings.

Steve’s practice includes providing invalidity, patentability and freedom-to-practice opinions as well as prosecuting domestic and foreign patent applications in various mechanical and electromechanical arts. Additionally, he has experience working on patent infringement litigation matters post grant.

Achievement and Honors

Steve has competed in powerlifting and strength competitions all across the United States. He holds USAWA open best lifter records in Back Lift, Hip Lift and Harness Lift categories as well as his Teeth Lift record; performing multiple shows where he pulls heavy loads with just his teeth!

She holds a Masters in Organizational Systems Renewal and is a certified systems thinking trainer. She works with leaders, teams and organizations to assist them with better thinking, learning and working together as teams and organizations. As an effective teacher she can pose powerful questions that lead to transformative learning experiences for leaders, teams and organizations alike.

David is married with one daughter, Victoria. He attends Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church of South Haven and has four grandchildren: Alex and Emma Hunt, Brevyn Wisneski, Asher Leslie, Hayes Harness and Reid Harness.

Personal Life

Steve is passionate about helping others energize their leadership and create positive transformation, through personal responsibility and self-reliance. As such, he is in great demand as both a Life Coach and Speaker both nationally and globally.

He holds board certification in Christian counseling. In addition, he earned his Bachelor of Bible degree at Pensacola Christian College as well as Master of Ministry and Doctorate degrees in Counseling from Bethany Divinity Seminary.

He enjoys baseball and radio broadcasts for it. Furthermore, his love of strength lifting has seen him hold USAWA Harness and Back Lift records; making what seems impossible seem easy! In addition, he is part of Central Valley Astronomers.

Net Worth

Based on the most current available information, Harness has an estimated net worth of $892 Thousand and has made over seven trades of U.S. Xpress Enterprises Inc stock since 2020 – most recently on 21 February 2023 when he exercised 4,628 units worth $28,323.

Harness is also well-known for his family ties. He is the grandson of country music performer Jessi Colter, and Waylon and Willie Nelson’s daughter Jenni Eddy Jennings was his stepmother.

He was an enthusiastic horse breeder, best known for No Nukes’ win of the 1995 American Champion Stakes racehorse No Nukes; other horses included Oil Burner and Gidget Lobell. Additionally, he played an instrumental part in shaping Cleveland as it developed along with Charles F. Brush and John D. Rockefeller in creating Cleveland Arcade, a shopping mall inspired by Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan.

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