Steve Hudson

Steve Hudson – A Man Who Knows How to Make People Laugh

Hudson, 59 years old, embraces religion for the bonds it can form among believers. He has performed in West Coast and national comedy venues as well as hosted hundreds of college concerts and awards shows over his career.

Hudson became intrigued as he drove past Emory Grove United Methodist Church in Gaithersburg. A red banner advertising an upcoming men’s Bible study caught his attention; so much so, he wanted to attend it himself.

Early Life and Education

Steve Hudson knows exactly how to make people laugh. He has established himself as both an entertainer and educator, having performed at numerous West Coast and national comedy venues as well as college shows; additionally he hosts and emcees corporate events.

His original music encompasses jazz, rock, blues and roots genres with an emphasis on free improvisatory spirit. He has performed live and in recordings studios alongside notable musicians including Claire Daly, Steven Bernstein and Jerome Harris.

Hudson hails from Coalgate, Oklahoma, and is an enthusiastic fly fishing enthusiast and author of several fishing guides for local waters as well as books about fly tying. Additionally, he’s often invited to speak at local angling clubs.

Professional Career

Steve Hudson is an esteemed entrepreneur and senior executive with an outstanding record in multiple business sectors. He has led new business initiatives and met growth objectives at some of the world’s most renowned finance companies.

He is an experienced regulatory attorney and lobbyist who has represented clients in complex ratemaking, contract negotiation, environmental matters before state regulators, legislatures and administrative agencies in multiple states. Furthermore, he has successfully advocated on energy, telecom and natural resource issues across multiple states.

He serves as CEO of ECN Capital Corp (TSX:ECN), a premier provider of prime credit portfolios that originates, manages and advises on consumer credit cards, auto loans, mortgages and commercial loans. He earns an annual total salary of CAD$5,741,880 while conducting securities business only in states in which he is registered to do so.

Achievement and Honors

Hudson has displayed his art at numerous solo exhibitions and his pieces are included in the collections of Rockford Art Museum and Krannert Art Museum as well as numerous private collections.

As CEO of Newcourt Credit Group, he led its rise into becoming a world leader in equipment finance. After its demise, he went on to found Element Financial Corp.

Hudson, an avid fly fisher, has written several guide books and how-to books on fly fishing and fly tying. A frequent speaker at angling groups in Georgia, he also serves as the morning chapel service leader at motocross and supercross events while comforting injured riders. A prolific composer spanning multiple genres he is also considered a chaplain at Motocross and Supercross events.

Personal Life

Hudson spent his early years biking, surfing and spearfishing around Fort Lauderdale. Now as a businessman he wants to ensure Fort Lauderdale’s expansion matches up with county infrastructure without creating additional strain on residents or communities.

As both a pianist and composer, he enjoys immersing himself in different musical worlds such as jazz or singer-songwriter projects or film scoring. He has worked with directors in New York and California on films like HBO’s The Immigrant featuring Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner.

Steve also boasts extensive arbitration experience, successfully representing clients in cases from Georgia to Massachusetts and North Carolina. Additionally, he represents numerous boards of directors as well as participates in charitable and philanthropic causes.

Net Worth

As CEO of ECN Capital, Hudson earns approximately $5 Million each year as its Chief Executive. He earned a bachelor’s degree from York University.

He made his mark financing equipment and vehicle dealers. His company went from $20 million in assets under management to $25 billion upon purchasing GE Capital’s fleet management business.

His daughter Kate Hudson has made headlines for her roles in movies such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Cactus Flower, while their family is widely recognized for its generosity – making major gifts such as one given to Baptist Health Jacksonville.

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