Steve Jamison

Steve Jamison – A Lifelong Lover of the Outdoors

Steve Jamison was a caring husband, father and grandfather who took great pleasure in sharing his enthusiasm for nature with family and friends; from reporting deer sightings in his yard to sharing observations about a variety of birds he witnessed while hiking or birding.

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Early Life and Education

Steven Jamison attended Venice High School and graduated in 1944. At UCLA he began studying pre-law before changing to mathematics as his major. Following UCLA he worked at ICI Americas as a research assistant before returning to UC Berkeley for graduate studies.

Varian hired him in 2019 as Vice President of Finance – Emerging Business, where he oversees investment and acquisition activities as well as product development for Varian’s Emerging Businesses division, while overseeing global sales, service, and marketing functions of the company.

He currently serves on the Eastridge Church leadership team in Issaquah, WA as well as on the Convoy of Hope Board. Furthermore, he has been active as a full time missionary to Europe for more than 36 years.

Professional Career

Steve Jamison is a best-selling author, popular speaker and America’s foremost authority on John Wooden’s leadership philosophy at UCLA’s legendary coach John Wooden. His Wooden Leadership course attracts hundreds of thousands of students annually.

He has addressed audiences ranging from professional athletes and government officials, to business and religious leaders. Additionally, he travels around the world conducting evangelistic outreaches featuring NBA-style hoops and award-winning music.

Jamison has produced many outstanding players, such as C-USA Defensive Player of the Year Trey Hendrickson and two-time All-Big Ten defensive tackle Jer’Zhan Newton from Penn State as well as second round NFL draft pick Broderick Washington from Missouri State University. Additionally he has directed multiple theatrical productions such as Molly Smith Metzler’s Elemeno Pea which also premiered worldwide; plus several film roles himself!

Achievement and Honors

He has published nine popular books on the life and leadership of John Wooden, UCLA’s legendary basketball coach. Additionally, he serves as an executive producer for the Wooden Institute’s John Wooden Leadership Course as well as being an outstanding motivational speaker and public artist.

Jamison serves on both The Performing Arts Center of the North Shore’s Board of Directors and National Endowment for the Arts’ Advisory Council, and she has won multiple awards such as Primetime Emmy Awards and Kennedy Center Honors for her dance work.

Professor Jamison leads the femtosecond optics and lasers for accelerator research group at Lancaster Physics department and is also an affiliate member of Cockcroft Institute and STFC Daresbury National Laboratory. His expertise lies in femtosecond resolution photon beam diagnostics as well as concepts for new types of laser driven particle acceleration using single cycle, terahertz pulses with complex longitudinal polarization states.

Personal Life

Steve had an immense love of nature and spent much of his free time outdoors in northern Minnesota. He took great pleasure in volunteering his time to helping those he met – especially family and friends during difficult times – as well as trying new therapies in order to extend more time with them.

An avid reader, his favorite book was John’s Gospel. A prolific writer on leadership matters, he contributed articles to several publications as well as writing nine books about legendary UCLA coach John Wooden who is widely considered one of the greatest coaches ever.

He currently teaches in Lancaster University’s Physics Department and maintains research activities and collaboration with STFC Daresbury National Laboratory. He has extensive experience in developing subsecond scale measurement of relativistic particle beams as well as nonlinear electromagnetic interactions between particles and beams.

Net Worth

Steven Jamison’s estimated net worth as of 2023 stands at over $74 Million. He serves as Director and 10% Owner of Sizzle Acquisition Corp, holding 6147750 shares valued at more than $66 Million.

Mr. Leach also serves on the board of directors at Jennie-O Turkey Store, actively advocating its Small Business Saturday initiative and supporting local businesses through other means.

He is actively engaged with his community, having donated to many school projects and fundraisers as well as helping local police departments. In addition, he has served as guest speaker at events hosted by University of West Virginia as well as speaking engagements at other local venues; participated in charitable efforts aiding victims of natural disasters; mentored many young people.

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