Steve Jefferson

Steve Jefferson – An Emmy Award Winning TV News Reporter

Steve Jefferson is an Emmy Award-winning TV News Reporter who has held positions with radio & TV stations in Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina & Mississippi. Additionally he spends many hours mentoring young black males through leadership programs.

He is a Stage-4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor and member of DC Health Exchange Standing Advisory Board for Ward 8. His passion lies with community outreach efforts.

Early Life and Education

Jefferson amassed an unparalleled knowledge of languages and cultures. As an author, scholar, lawyer, statesman and agriculturist. Additionally he was also an inventor, architect, musician scientist philosopher – making him perhaps America’s foremost representative of Enlightenment thought.

Jefferson first became interested in natural philosophy thanks to William Small, one of his professors at William and Mary. Small introduced Jefferson to Locke and Bacon’s works, sparking his fascination for science.

As President, Jefferson championed free public education and separation of church and state. He supported states’ rights over strong central governments, championed western expansion, advocated for territories to gain sovereignty as additional states, and fostered diplomatic relationships to secure trading privileges for American citizens.

Professional Career

Since 2010 Jefferson has served as a reporter at WTHR in Indianapolis and as founding director of Bloom Labs – a technology startup which assists newsrooms in exploring innovative approaches to local audience research.

He is also an actor, appearing in A&E series True Justice and Robert Rodriguez’s Machete. Together with Bing Dang and Joe Halpin he owns Streamroller Productions as a production company.

Marcy repeatedly urges Jefferson to find work at the Manhole Bar; on occasion when he does so, however, beautiful women work for him, which drives her wild with jealousy – an ongoing joke throughout the show. Jefferson also plays rugby league at West Mount Bowling Club in Woodside.

Achievement and Honors

He earned his journalism degree at Wright State University. Since 2009, he’s been reporting from different cities for WTHR. One notable story he broke included reporting on an FBI raid at former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle’s home in Zionsville where he was charged with child pornography and engaging in sexual relations with minors.

He created Samaritan Car Care Clinic as an outreach program of Madison Avenue Christian Church and collaborates with local garages to offer low-income families affordable car repair. He volunteers his services on the AIDS Resource Roundtable by supporting providers who assist HIV/AIDS patients.

He received a Jefferson Award, an honor bestowed by the local chapter of the national Jefferson Awards to individuals who make significant contributions to their community. It is named in memory of Thomas Jefferson – author of the Declaration of Independence – whom the Thomas Jefferson Foundation honors by giving these awards.

Personal Life

Personalities. Jefferson is an active community member, mentor and coach. He devotes numerous hours mentoring young black males in leadership programs; under his guidance many have gone on to become TV and radio newscasters.

Jefferson also shares an avid interest in health and wellness. As a survivor of stage-4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, he serves as an advocate for DC health benefit exchange consumer advocacy services.

Thomas Jefferson was a political philosopher, lawyer, planter, diplomat, inventor, architect and one day the third President of the United States. This short yet comprehensive biography chronicles his life – including an alleged affair with Sally Hemmings – as a founding father and pioneering the separation between church and state as well as passionately advocating civil rights.

Net Worth

Jefferson has long been working in acting, joining the Louisville Actors Theater at its inception and appearing in multiple stage plays and musicals since.

Jefferson is estimated to have an estimated net worth of over 13 Million Dollars and his professional career spans the fields of law, television personality and actor.

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