Steve Kanes

Steve Kanes

Steve Kanes is known for being both entertaining and educational simultaneously, acting as both television host, writer, director and award winner.

As part of his graduate school studies, he investigated gravitational microlensing – the bending of space by gravity that has numerous applications to astrophysics including finding exoplanets – with particular interest to exoplanet detection.

Early Life and Education

Steve Kanes began his career in independent film and theater. His NY Indy feature film Heroic Symphony won several festival awards; furthermore, Kane wrote and directed several one-act plays that were staged both in New York and Los Angeles.

He earned both his undergraduate and master’s degrees at University of Pennsylvania before enrolling at USC to receive his master’s in film production. Since then he has served as producer/writer on television/radio programs like The Closer, Major Crimes, Alias and NCIS.

Dr. Kane holds a medical doctorate from State University of New York at Stony Brook and completed his psychiatry residency at Yale-New Haven Medical Center. Currently he practices Maternal Fetal Medicine Huptman Clinic in Philadelphia and welcomes new patients.

Professional Career

Steve Kanes practices in the areas of corporate, commercial and securities law for public and private companies in various industries. Additionally, he serves as President, Managing Director and shareholder/member/shareholder for his firm.

At King of the Ring, Kane defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin in a First Blood Match thanks to assistance from his brother The Undertaker. Following this event, however, both brothers became embroiled in a feud.

Kane and Undertaker formed The Brothers of Destruction in early 2001. He quickly rose through the ranks to become Royal Rumble runner-up with 43 eliminations and competed in Hardcore Championship matches; also feuding with X-Pac, Road Dogg and later with McMahon-Helmsley faction members before participating in Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal matches.

Achievement and Honors

Kane has been involved in nearly every kind of WWE match you can imagine, both as a solo star and part of some fantastic tag teams. He’s faced off against Undertaker as his fictional half brother; challenged for title runs; and been involved in some very high profile feuds.

Kane made history when he won the inaugural King of the Ring event wearing a mask back in 1998 – something which only two other wrestlers, Mankind and Rey Mysterio had done prior. This feat set Kane apart from his competition.

His other major achievement was making seven appearances in the Money in the Bank ladder match – more than Shawn Michaels and Kofi Kingston combined!

Personal Life

Kane boasts an extensive list of credits in independent film and theater. He has directed multiple short films that won awards at New York independent film festivals and also wrote and directed one act plays that were staged at Los Angeles’ GuerriLA Theater.

Reeve has also enjoyed great success hosting radio shows in numerous major markets and is widely known for his quick witted, no-holds barred style of broadcasting. Politically oriented, Reeve is known to support President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ardently.

He currently oversees Sage’s clinical-stage programs and acts as the company’s primary liaison with the investigator community. Additionally, he has authored over 30 peer-reviewed papers.

Net Worth

Kane is an advocate of the belief that anyone can succeed at anything if they put in effort and dedication to accomplishing their goals. His example speaks for itself – with impeccable financial habits and never giving up his dreams!

He has amassed an extensive portfolio of television credits, acting roles on Angel, Leverage and Into the West; writing for series such as NCIS: Major Crimes; American Dad; Curb Your Enthusiasm as well as serving as showrunner and executive producer on TNT post-apocalyptic drama The Last Ship.

He spends his free time traveling the globe for 200 days annually, often alone. He particularly enjoys spiritual quests in the jungle where he has become “a fake Buddhist”. When not out exploring new lands he can often be found riding his motorcycle down California’s Pacific Coast Highway.

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