Steve Knoblock

Steve Knoblock

Knoblock has researched and documented carnival pitches, childrens rhymes, family stories, subway tales and oral poetry traditions from around the globe. Additionally, he has written extensively on photography, culture and documentary practices.

San Clemente residents have taken strong exception to Councilman Knoblock’s proposal of making San Clemente into a “sanctuary for life”. Eyewitness News reached out to both Knoblock and Mayor Gene James but has yet to receive response from either one of them.

Early Life and Education

Steve Knoblock is a photographer and educator from San Clemente who also holds membership on local church deacon and elder boards and various community boards such as Orange County Civic Center Commission and Assessment Appeals Board.

He is one of the founders of Folkstreams, an internet project which collects and curates folk culture online. Additionally, he has produced several documentaries about folklife as well as written background essays for many films mounted on this website.

Knoblock was recently elected to the City Council after winning an unprecedented three-way race and outvoting his competitors by nearly 4,000 votes. Knoblock will serve out Stephanie Dorey’s term which she left earlier this year to focus on cancer treatments.

Professional Career

Steve Knoblock has held various professional roles during his professional career. These have included serving as deacon and elder board member of his local church as well as various public boards such as Orange County Civic Center Commission and Assessment Appeals Board and also being on APCD Hearing Board and Republican Party Central Committee and San Clemente Chamber of Commerce committees.

Knoblock’s proposal has incensed many residents, who see it as overreach by city government into matters best left to state and federal jurisdiction. Even some of his fellow Republicans on council have strongly disapproved of his initiative as inappropriate and unenforceable.

On Saturday, San Clemente City Council decided to withdraw an item from its Aug 16 agenda after residents voiced strong objections during a lengthy public comment period. This resolution would have declared San Clemente a “Sanctuary for Life”, restricting abortion access in city limits.

Achievement and Honors

Knoblock has long been known for his staunchly anti-abortion views, prompting him to propose a council resolution declaring San Clemente a “sanctuary of life” and banning abortion within city limits. Unfortunately, after an contentious public meeting this plan was dropped. Many residents in Orange County’s southernmost city criticised it and accused Knoblock of overstepping his boundaries by trying to force his religious views upon them.

Knoblock has held various boards including the Orange County Civic Center Commission, Assessment Appeals Board and APCD Hearing Board. He also has extensive church experience as a deacon and elder as well as being active member of Republican Party Central Committee – winning several awards for his contributions to his community during that time. A native San Clemente resident.

Personal Life

Knoblock also manages his own business that repairs broken video game systems and sells them through Amazon, in addition to serving on Orange County Civic Center Commission and Assessment Appeals Board as a deacon at his church and serving on Assessment Appeals Board for Assessment Appeal Board in San Clemente – an award-winning coastal city known for surf culture and Spanish architecture.

Residents in south Orange County city are outraged over Knoblock’s plan to make their city a “sanctuary for life,” which would prohibit any facilities that offer abortion services from receiving zoning approval. Many believe elected officials shouldn’t tackle an emotionally charged topic like abortion; but Knoblock contends that after Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe vs Wade opened up this can of worms which must now be addressed by society as a whole.

Net Worth

Knoblock’s business ventures have helped make him very wealthy, amassing an estimated net worth of approximately $8 Million and two homes in California. He enjoys fixing broken video game systems and selling them online for profit; additionally, he supports sports teams such as Detroit Tigers and Michigan State Spartans; also serving on San Clemente City Council where he introduced resolution to make San Clemente a Second Amendment Freedom City by 2022.

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