Steve Lundman

Steve Lundman

His survivors include his wife, Janie; daughter Hilary Mertens (and her husband Marty) of Springfield, MO; special grandchildren Cade and Elias as well as numerous granddogs and grandcats, plus his sister Whitney. Additionally he served on both St John’s Hospital in Springfield and Cox Hospital’s Board.

On May 6, 1989, Ian Lundman complained of stomachache and seemed lethargic. His mother Kathleen McKown began treating him according to Christian Science principles through prayer.

Early Life and Education

Steve Lundman hails from Canada and holds degrees in both anthropology and archaeology. For 18 years he worked as an anthropologist before beginning to write novels, short stories, and books of short fiction including the “Malazan Book of the Fallen” series. Additionally he holds an MFA in creative writing from University of Iowa.

In 1991, Ian’s estate was awarded $1.5 million against Kathleen McKown, William McKown, Quinna Lamb, Mario Tosto and Clifton House Inc for his death. However, the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal and uphold this verdict; appellants argue that Respondent’s handwritten notes from an earlier custody proceeding which purport to demonstrate that Kathleen McKown used Christian Science care when treating Ian, may be excluded improperly by trial court.

Personal Life

Lundman hails from Canada and earned both his Bachelor and Master degrees in Anthropology while performing archaeological fieldwork across North and Central America for 18 years. Later he attended University of Victoria for his Master in Writing degree as well as attending Iowa Writer’s Workshop – currently living in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

On the day of his death, Ian Lundman complained of feeling sick and lethargic, experienced weight loss, fruity-scented breath and decreased energy levels; yet due to her faith-based beliefs in Christian Science (appellant Kathleen McKown did not seek medical care for Ian).

Net Worth

Stevewwilldoit boasts an impressive net worth and makes considerable income by promoting various products on YouTube and through brand endorsements and sponsorships.

His viral videos and live casino streaming on Twitch have given him an edge over other influencers. Furthermore, they also help generate significant income.

He stands 5’9″, has brown hair and eyes, was born in 1998, is an American citizen, has two siblings and follows the zodiac sign Virgo. He attended public school in his hometown before leaving to move to Los Angeles where his main source of income comes from YouTube channel views.

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