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Stephen Madigan ’73

Stephen Madigan ’73 has an insatiable curiosity that’s part of his nature. Equally ambitious, his incessant desire to find out “what more I can do?” has taken him from diving the ocean depths to reading x-rays at Maine hospitals and eventually performing Shakespeare’s Richard III play onstage.

His clients include couples from diverse backgrounds who are either reuniting or parting ways, and he uses narrative practices to ask unformulated, compassionate questions from a place of curiosity and appreciation.

Early Life and Education

Stephen Madigan is a Canadian-American psychotherapist holding both Masters Degrees (MSW and MSc in Counseling) and Doctorate Degrees in Couple and Family Therapy. In BC he holds his license as Clinical Counsellor; working primarily with couples (straight, queer or those reuniting or parting ways). From his private practice in Vancouver.

Madigan was known for his critical and dry humor at the university, according to Walsh. He taught a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses including experimental psychology.

Prosecutors allege that Madigan used his political influence to secure patronage jobs at Metra commuter rail for two of his supporters in exchange for campaign contributions from them. A federal case has been opened against Madigan; he denies all charges. Additionally, Illinois state court authorities have also initiated their own corruption probe against him.

Professional Career

Madigan was a passionate educator who taught an extensive array of undergraduate and graduate psychology courses. Additionally, he served on editorial boards of numerous psychological journals.

His research greatly advanced cognitive psychology and revitalized verbal learning and memory studies. Furthermore, as a mental health professional he used his talents to assist patients recovering from anorexia or other eating disorders.

Federal prosecutors presented Michael McClain’s testimony as an eye-opener to their attempts at showing how Madigan used coded language to direct lucrative work at Metra commuter rail agency towards two of his loyalists, using coded instructions from Pramaggiore and other Madigan associates, such as Victor Reyes – a Latino lobbyist closely linked to Madigan. McClain used his influence with Pramaggiore to urge Metra utility officials to restore Victor Reyes contracts for legal work by pressing them with pressure.

Achievement and Honors

Hariett Madigan has dedicated her life to serving others. A North Bay graduate from both teacher’s college and Nipissing University, Hariett also belongs to Bible Study Fellowship as an active member. Additionally, she loves traveling and spending time with her grandchildren.

Madigan is revered as one of Chicago’s most influential politicians. For years he presided over redistricting in Illinois and chaired its Democratic Party; moreover he frequently clashed with fellow Democrats, such as former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Students were often fond of commending him for his sharp intellect and dry wit, often cutting through political rhetoric with quick remarks that cut to the chase. His door was always open for students seeking advice or guidance. Furthermore, he was an invaluable supporter of USC’s experimental psychology Ph.D program.

Personal Life

Stephen Madigan was survived by his beloved mother Patricia and dear brother Michael. Unfortunately he was predeceased by both maternal grandmother Carol Wujcik as well as paternal grandparents Thomas and Betty Madigan.

(05:37): Madigan was an expert at running Chicago’s 13th Ward on the Southwest Side with its patronage army, with strict discipline and self-styled rules in the house that made his leadership extremely precise and measured compared to more unruly politicians such as Rod Blagojevich.

He was also renowned clinical counselor specializing in couple therapy. Currently working with couples from Vancouver’s lower mainland who seek advanced therapeutic skills to better understand the intricate complexities, contexts and conflicts in their relationships, Narrative Therapy is accompanied by six live session videos documented using an eight person film team and his book is widely acclaimed APA book containing this content.

Net Worth

Madigan’s law firm is an influential provider of state contracts and municipal bond work, with clients such as Chicago’s municipal government, suburban Cook County Board of Commissioners, as well as numerous property tax assessment firms among their client list.

He is an active stock market investor with extensive real estate holdings. Additionally, he donates generously to charity.

Although he’s a major force in Illinois politics, he maintains a relatively modest net worth. According to those close to him, he’s known for being frugal with money and has an admirable work ethic; family devotion comes first for him. Additionally, he enjoys classical guitar as an avid player as well as listening to Christopher Parkening, Chet Atkins, and Doc Watson (among others). Additionally he frequents Santa Anita Park to watch horse races.

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