Steve Malley

Steve Malley – A Man of Many Talents

Steve Malley is an American author living and writing in Christchurch with multiple talents – tattooing, piercing and dreadlocks among them! His books include thrillers published via various e-formats.

He has successfully completed several purchase/lease transactions and currently acts as exclusive landlord leasing representative on several retail sales projects in Philadelphia for National Capital Industries, his employer.

Early Life and Education

Steve Malley has over two decades of experience working in the investment and real estate industries. Currently a partner at Shore Capital Partners and co-founder of Crimson Capital LLC., Steve reports to Justin Ishbia who serves as managing partner.

Malley is an ardent family man, raising two daughters and three grandchildren of his own. In his free time, he enjoys playing board games with them all as well as spending time with his friends. Malley is also an avid sports fan – attending Nanaimo Clippers basketball games regularly as well as participating on their baseball team for 25 years!

He is an active member of the United Methodist Church and has led devotions at schools of theology and formation meetings, in addition to serving as guest speaker at many universities and United Methodist seminaries.

Professional Career

Steve Malley is a dedicated family man and proud of it! His mother instilled him with an impressive work ethic which enabled him to succeed quickly at pet store chains before going solo as his first job.

Malley has collaborated with bands including Thorr’s Hammer, Sunn O))), Burning Witch, Khanate and KTL in various formations. Additionally, he frequently collaborates in concerts, exhibitions and gallery settings with artists like Boris, Merzbow, James Plotkin, Oren Ambarchi, Keiji Haino and others.

As part of his commercial real estate work, in addition to mediation work for ESGR and The Missouri Foundation for Mediation. He is the author of numerous articles and has presented nationally.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Malley boasts a family legacy rooted in the American Dream, while his hard work ethic has brought success across multiple areas of his life. Today he serves as a partner at Shore Capital where he manages their microcap private equity platform.

He is also co-founder of Crimson Capital LLC, a real estate investment company that specializes in commercial real estate acquisition and development. Under his guidance, over $1 billion dollars have been invested or divested from commercial properties.

Melrose High School global language teacher Steven Malley recently received the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association New Teacher Commendation Award, honoring full-time educators who have taught a foreign language for five years or less and providing opportunities for professional growth, networking, and collegiality.

Personal Life

Steve Malley learned the value of hard work from his mother, a stay-at-home mother who encouraged her children to always strive to do their best in everything they did – something he took with him into adulthood and has enabled him to reach the top of his field.

Real estate investor, his responsibilities span an array of asset classes from office to retail properties. As part of this role, he has successfully concluded over 700 sale/lease transactions while handling numerous high profile acquisition and disposition assignments.

At Shore Capital Partners and Crimson Capital LLC he holds a partner position, as well as co-founding both firms. Furthermore, he collaborates on various concert, gallery and studio projects frequently with outsider musicians, composers and artists including Boris, Jim O’Rourke, Merzbow and Keiji Haino among many others.

Net Worth

As well as his musical career, he has also designed album art for various metal acts and published a black metal fanzine and written books.

Mr. Lee serves as President of Lee & Associates San Diego office. His experience in sourcing opportunities, underwriting properties and conducting rigorous due diligence has proven invaluable for Investor and Owner/User clients.

Stephen O’Malley reportedly earned an estimated net worth between $1 Million – $5 Million through his primary career as a Guitarist. Born 15 July 1974 in WA USA he opted to keep his personal life private rather than reveal any details regarding weight or height currently. Cancer as his sun sign, birth flower a Water Lily; currently single.

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