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Steve Maples, 72, Arrested on Murder Charges

Stephen Sevedus Maples, 72, has been charged with murder in connection with the fatal shooting of his wife in Madison Township in Lenawee County on September 24. On Monday he was arraigned on open murder and felony firearm charges.

Steve Maples shares invaluable advice and information regarding college admissions and recruiting in this episode of Nevada Insider. Additionally, he discusses why he chose Nevada over its competitors as well as why he remains passionate about working at Nevada after three decades on the job.

Early Life and Education

Maples was raised in a small Oregon town where he made lasting friendships that would endure throughout his life. While working various jobs, his most notable was serving his clients at MacPherson’s, Windermere, and Keller Williams Realty real estate agencies – where his kindness, professionalism, and commitment to providing service were known and revered by them all.

He developed an interest in forensic anthropology after seeing autopsy photos of Bonnie and Clyde from his local sheriff. Since then he has worked for both government and law-enforcement agencies, including being part of the team that examined skeletons used as evidence against civil rights leader Medgar Evers during his 1994 conviction.

Maples prioritizes his family above all else. He is married with two children of his own and strives to make sure each member feels special and loved by his actions.

Professional Career

He specializes in European aviation asset financing transactions and offers fiduciary services to investment funds, structured finance vehicles and private clients alike. These services include directorships, board support and company secretarial support as well as trustee services like share trust administration and compliance advisory management services. He can also serve as director for investment funds governed by investment boards.

Maples finds motivation in his daughter’s education to continue working in college admission at UNR. According to him, access is always the number-one concern of students and schools alike.

Maples was given a public reprimand and suspended from practicing law for 24 months with reinstatement conditioned on attending ethics school and other continuing education programs. He was also reminded of his duties under Bar Rule 4-103 – these penalties seem fitting given Maples’ course of misconduct.

Achievement and Honors

Maples was honored with an Elite 90 Award at the NCAA Division III National Championship for his stellar performance at that tournament, honoring student-athletes with the highest cumulative grade point average at this prestigious competition.

Stephen currently heads up the Maples Group’s fiduciary services business in Europe, where he oversees its fiduciary services offering for capital markets and structured asset finance solutions such as fund management, cash/synthetic CDOs, repackagings and MTN/CP programmes; trustee services for investment funds and private clients as well as share and equity holder administration services for these products.

Maples counts his greatest achievement as seeing a new generation from high school through college education, believing this next generation holds much hope due to its resilience in the wake of 9/11.

Personal Life

He was an active member of First Baptist Church in Diamond and greatly enjoyed hunting and fishing as well as cooking for family and friends. For many years he worked at Deskin Scale Company as a longtime employee before passing away peacefully on July 31, leaving behind his beloved wife Joan Roetto Maples and son Jeremy behind him.

Maples sees much promise in the incoming class he refers to as the homeland generation; born shortly after 9/11 and tested by every disaster since: from the Great Recession as they entered grade school to active shooter drills and COVID-19 disrupting senior years in high school. He believes his job goes beyond recruitment: It involves equipping young people to make their own choices.

Net Worth

Steve Maples is a well-known former high school teacher who made headlines for marrying Joy Behar after dating for nearly 30 years before they decided to finalise their union and tie the knot.

He has appeared in various films including Halle Berry, Michael J. Fox and Oliver Platt’s “Spin City”. Additionally he played Jane Adams, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jared Harris in “Happiness”, another 1998 flick he appeared in.

He is well known as an advocate of LGBTQ equality in New York and has long waited for same-sex marriage to become legal there. Additionally, he’s an avid lasagna eater. Since 2021 he has made over four trades of Great Southern stock worth $20.7 thousand dollars; currently owning at least 400 units as of 25 November 2022.

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