Steve Mittleman

Steve Mittleman – Comedian Extraordinaire

Steve Mittleman is an outstanding clean comedian who has performed at nearly all comedy shows available today, from country clubs, golf events, casinos and private parties of various kinds to birthdays, anniversaries, fund raisers and weddings (bar mitzvahs/holiday shows), including country club entertainment and headline performances on cable networks such as Comedy Central or FX. Additionally he can provide customized material to any audience as MC and work the room like no one else can!

Early Life and Education

After graduating with a BS in Biochemistry from UCLA, Steve went to USC where he received both his PhD in Physiology and MD degrees before going on to complete a Pediatric Endocrinology fellowship at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

When Ladman and Cody performed at a Black Angus show in Great Falls, Montana the manager told them their customers laughed so hard their stomachs hurt – an unexpected relief after witnessing Cody endure several mental health episodes including two 72-hour holds at local hospitals this summer.

These incidents prompted him to adjust his career goals, with screen writing now taking priority and road work becoming less of a focus. He recognizes that Hollywood hyphenates require an uncompromising work ethic.

Professional Career

Steve is a master comedian who can bring laughter and entertainment to corporate functions, conventions and large groups. His extensive resume includes appearances on Late Night and The Tonight Show as well as headlining all major comedy clubs across the United States. Steve can also be found in movies such as Roxanne with Steve Martin and Woody Allen’s Radio Days; his routines are hilarious yet clean and his improvisational skills outstanding!

He earned both his Biochemistry degree from the University of Oklahoma and MD degree from University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Additionally, he is a member of Alpha Omega Alpha (national medical honor society).

He is an avid sports fan who also takes great pleasure in the great outdoors. Married and mother of two children, he specializes in industrial and flex properties in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Achievement and Honors

Steve is an esteemed comedian renowned on the LA corporate comedy circuit. He has made numerous television and movie appearances (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Woody Allen’s Radio Days among them), headlined major comedy clubs across LA and possesses an expansive repertoire.

But even more impressively, Mittleman has put stand-up comedy aside to focus on screen writing full time – something many Hollywood Hyphenate colleagues do with gusto; Mittleman understands that good scripts require hard work and meticulous craftsmanship, unlike many Hollywood Hyphenates who speed through scripts like speed dating.

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Personal Life

Steve Mittleman is a seasoned comedian who has performed at all major comedy clubs in Los Angeles. He has appeared on Late Night and The Tonight Show and is known for his clean humor and impeccable comedic timing. Additionally, Steve appeared in Roxanne and Woody Allen’s Radio Days movies as a supporting player.

At his current address in West Palm Beach, Florida he lives with his wife and tiny zoo. In his free time he enjoys competing in Scottish Highland Games as well as strength sports competitions such as power lifting and Olympic weightlifting events.

He maintains an active social media presence and posts regular photos with his wife to Instagram, although no information about their parents or siblings have ever been revealed to the public domain.

Net Worth

Steve has been performing comedy for over 35 years and has an impressive resume. He has performed at all major comedy clubs as well as appearing on both Carson & Leno’s Tonight show; also winning HBO’s Laff-off competition; regular performer on Los Angeles corporate comedy circuit and country club/casino headlining duties including weddings/birthdays/anniversaries/fund raisers etc – customizing his material to suit.

Mittleman Brothers was established by him and is wholly owned subsidiary of Aimia. With an estimated net worth estimated at CAD$179,361, Mittleman has become one of Aimia’s highest paid executives since 1999.

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