Steve Schaub

Steve Schaub

Steve Schaub is one of the co-founders and the Chief Executive Officer & President at YES Communities. A widely recognized industry figure, Steve has over two decades of experience acquiring, managing, and developing manufactured home communities.

Schaub earned his Bachelor’s of Agriculture at University of Vermont & State Agricultural College and currently practices Rheumatology with Life Span Physicians Group of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He holds affiliations at Newport Hospital, Rhode Island Hospital and The Miriam Hospital among others.

Early Life and Education

Steve Schaub is an American businessman known for founding and leading YES Communities, a company which operates and manages manufactured home communities. With experience in community development, home sales and operations management as well as acquisitions and capital market activities – among others – his achievements stand out.

Dr. Edward Leary has trained many top hunter riders and horses, such as Ashley VanMeter on Lyrik, who won championships at both the National Horse Show in 1985 as well as Pennsylvania National and Washington International shows two years later. However, his greatest honor came in 2007 when Lee Cesery’s What D’Ya Know won the USEF Grand Champion Amateur-Owner Hunter award.

Schaub also established The Children’s Center at USM in 1974 – then known as the Preschool Language Program – serving a small number of local children who required speech-language intervention before entering kindergarten.

Professional Career

He has organized exhibitions dedicated to contemporary photographic practices and has been featured in multiple publications. His work has been shown internationally at venues like Kent Museum, Bennington Museum, X Edition Singapore and Espace Bergger Paris.

Schaub was one of the founding members and currently serves as CEO of YES Communities, overseeing all acquisitions and capital market activities of the company. Prior to that he held senior roles at Chateau Communities and ROC Communities REITs; two publicly-traded manufactured home community REITs.

Schaub has appeared in various television shows and podcasts. He shares an especially close bond with fellow comedian Bobby Lee (Trash Tuesday podcast host and TigerBelly castmate), whom they collaborated with on producing artworks, films and handmade books together.

Achievement and Honors

Schaub is an esteemed researcher and educator, having been honored as an AIAA Associate Fellow in 2007. He has published over 137 journal articles and 208 conference papers related to nonlinear dynamics, control, astrodynamics, relative motion dynamics and charged astrodynamics; areas which provide novel approaches that yield unexpected results.

Steve_he is also an accomplished television actor, appearing alongside Awkwafina in Nora From Queens and Dinosaur World. His TikTok account boasts over 7 Million followers!

Schaub is also the founder of Shackleton Capital Partners LLC, a private equity firm, and Gregory Funding LLC. Additionally, Schaub serves on both of these boards of trustees; for Yes! Communities as board chairperson and as non-independent director for Great Ajax Corp as non-independent director.

Personal Life

Steven Schaub is a rheumatologist in Pawtucket, RI who has been practicing for over 10 years. A graduate from University of Vermont and State Agricultural College (UVASAC), Steven has affiliations with Newport Hospital and Rhode Island Hospital; additionally accepting telehealth appointments.

Schaub serves as co-founder and chief operating officer of YES Communities, overseeing acquisitions, capital market activities and corporate strategy for the company. A member of the Manufactured Housing Institute as well as several state manufactured home associations’ boards of directors, Schaub oversees acquisitions, capital market activities and corporate strategy at his position within YES Communities.

Schaub is both an artist and Marine Corps veteran; with a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology. His artwork investigates fragmented states of memory and time using special in-camera and darkroom techniques that result in printed works on rare and handmade papers.

Net Worth

Schaub is estimated to be worth an estimated $7 Million, having amassed most of his fortune through professional mixed martial arts competition and additional earnings as an actor, comedian and podcast host.

At one point or another he has appeared on various television programs as both an actor and guest star, including guest hosting duties on shows like E!’s The After Show with Bryan Callen.

Avison Young industrial affinity group and has worked on various projects. Based out of Camas, Washington with over 11 years of experience he has worked for companies like Merrill Lynch, Pierce Fenner & Smith Inc, Helzberg Diamonds and Bank Of America, N.A.

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