Steve Shoemaker

Steve Shoemaker

Stephen Shoemaker is a Christian scholar specializing in early medieval and Near Eastern Christianity, particularly early devotion to Mary and Christian apocryphal literature. Additionally, he researches how Near Eastern Christianity intersects with formative Islam.

His works have been featured in both academic and popular journals. Additionally, he has taught at various universities both domestically and abroad.

Early Life and Education

Steve Shoemaker has been painting all his life, beginning as early as 15 when he started drawing and whittling with charcoal pencils. Later he studied painting under various teachers before serving as Visual Merchandising Manager of Collins Department Stores before beginning real estate sales as salesperson.

He and Carolyn Levy were well-known astronomers and comet and asteroid hunters. One of their discoveries included Shoemaker-Levy 9, one of the first comets ever discovered using telescope.

Shoemaker announced his departure from Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte to focus on his depression treatment, saying he had had enough with sleepless nights and feeling anxious during the daytime hours. Additionally, he couldn’t handle leading such a large congregation.

Professional Career

Steve Shoemaker has held many leadership roles during his career. He has assisted with the launch of companies in biopharmaceutical, medical communications and health information technology industries; guided multiple start-ups through regulatory challenges; and successfully guided businesses during difficult periods.

He has published several books and articles. His research is focused on early Christian traditions surrounding Mary as Virgin Mother, and he has provided critical translations of ancient Syrian Dormition narratives.

Troy Shoemaker leads Pensacola Christian College with vision and creativity as President. He promotes cultural changes that facilitate intentional interactions, inspiring teamwork within the organization. His commitment to excellence in education is guided by biblical worldview; with him as President PCC has seen unprecedented enrollment growth, resources expansion and ministry outreach growth.

Achievement and Honors

Shoemaker has received many honors and recognitions for his work. These include fellowships from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, American Council of Learned Societies, and Institute for Advanced Study; additionally he has published several books.

Shoemaker worked for the US Geological Survey during the late 1960s to catalog objects orbiting Earth that may present threats to humanity.

Shoemaker is the founder and co-owner of Miniature Custom Manufacturing (MCM), a Vicksburg-based business which supplies heating and cooling equipment, replacement parts, and accessories in Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana. MCM was recognized by Michigan Celebrates Small Business for its growth trajectory; furthermore it has won several industry awards as well.

Personal Life

Steve Shoemaker is an ardent family man who takes great pleasure in spending time with his wife and children. Additionally, he loves golfing at Spring Hollow Golf Club in Phoenixville, PA; in addition to that he belongs to St Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church as well as Phoenixville Knights of Columbus.

He is a regular contributor to Christian History Review, with research interests that include early devotion to Mary and Christian apocryphal literature as well as Near Eastern Christianity/formative Islam relations. Dr. Cline has received fellowships from John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, American Council of Learned Societies Institute for Advanced Study Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Harvard University among others.

He has served on the boards of multiple start-up companies, such as a medical device firm and biopharmaceutical firm, learning many lessons from these experiences, such as how essential having an effective business plan and consistently executing it are for success.

Net Worth

Steven Shoemaker is a partner at Wishart Law Firm LLP and an active member of Algoma District Law Association. His expertise includes advocacy, commercial transactions and property law; in addition to handling litigation in both federal and provincial court proceedings.

Keepin’ the Faith was a weekly talk show broadcast by WILL-AM from 1999 until August 18th 2013. It featured interviews on topics related to spirituality, values and ethics.

Cushman & Wakefield’s Iselin office currently employs him for industrial brokerage sales and leasing, tenant representation and landlord leasing assignments. His area of specialization is Port New York/NJ market where he represents public/private REITS, private funds, construction companies and high net worth individuals. Additionally, he has completed multiple speculative industrial projects. As well as having experience with last mile distribution such as LTL delivery of food & beverages bulk distributors 3PLs as well as drayage/port.

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