Steve Slilaty

Steve Slilaty – An Expert in the Field of Bioscience

Steve Slilaty is an expert in bioscience, recognized in research papers, editorials, review articles and textbooks as a referenced figure. Additionally he has written several original research papers as well as acquired multiple patents over time.

He currently holds positions as Chairman, President & CEO of Sunshine Biopharma Inc and 10 percent shareholder of MP Biomedicals Canada ULC and Advanomics Corp.

Early Life and Education

Steve Slilaty hails from Kab-Elias, Lebanon. After graduating from Binghamton Community College with an associate degree and Cornell University with his bachelor’s, he went on to receive his doctorate in Molecular Biology from the University of Arizona. His research has been widely published; receiving meritorious performance awards from both organizations in 1981. Furthermore, Steve also founded several companies including MP Biomedicals Canada ULC and Sunshine Biopharma Inc.

He has dedicated much of his life to finding a cure for multidrug resistant cancers, currently serving as President and Chief Executive Officer at Sunshine Biopharma and Chairman of Mountain West Business Solutions Inc.

Professional Career

As both scientist and businessman, Steve Slilaty has founded three biotech companies. Additionally, he serves as Adjunct Professor at Universite du Quebec and earned both his Bachelor’s of Science at Cornell University and PhD from University of Arizona.

He is frequently cited in research papers, editorials and review articles for his contributions to science; these include discovering a novel class of enzymes as well as developing the TrueBlue Cloning System which has played an instrumental role in the Human Genome Project.

In 1999, he took his first company public: Genomics One Corporationrationration. Based on its patented technology, this venture reached $1 billion in market cap. His subsequent creation Quantum Biotechnologies Inc. later known as Qbiogene has since become part of MP Biomedicals family of companies as an international provider of biotechnology reagents.

Achievement and Honors

He has published over 18 original research papers and 12 patents, his work being cited in research papers, editorials, reviews, textbooks and grants from Arizona Foundation in 1981 as well as University of Arizona Health Sciences Center in 1984. Additionally he founded Alert BC Corporationrationration Qbiogene MP Biomedicals Canada ULC Sunshine Biopharma Inc. Invention of an anticancer compound capable of killing multidrug resistant cancer cells: Adva-27a

Personal Life

Slilaty holds both an undergraduate degree from Cornell University and a Doctorate degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from the University of Arizona, having obtained his Ph.D. at Arizona. Since then he has published 18 original research papers, 12 patents, numerous editorials, reviews and textbooks have referenced him. Slilaty founded three biotech companies; of these three took one public. Quantum Biotechnologies Inc (now Qbiogene), was sold off after reaching over $60 Million in sales while Genomics One Corporationrationration (now Alert BC Corporationrationration), which supplied biotechnology reagents took public as well.

Slilaty currently serves as President and Chief Scientific Officer for Sunshine Biopharma, Inc and Advanomics Corporationrationration located in Montreal, Canada. In addition, he sits on the boards of Nora Pharma Inc and serves as Adjunct Professor at Universite du Quebec.

Net Worth

Steve Slilaty is an active stock investor. According to SEC Form 4 insider trading reports, he made one transaction in sunshine biopharma corp (sbfm). At April 12, 2016, its share value stood at $311. Find more detailed information about his ownership report by viewing the Latest Holdings Summary section. He founded ALERT B&C Corporationrationration, MP Biomedicals Canada ULC, and Advanomics Corprationration. Genomics One Corporationrationration became one of the leading international suppliers of biotechnology reagents with its catalogue containing more than 5,500 items. Quantum Biotechnologies Incrationration and Qbiogene Incrationration are both Canadian biotechnology firms which successfully completed their initial public offerings of equity securities – each raising over 30 Million.

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