Steve Transparent

Steve Transparent

Steve Transparency is an AI specialist at Stanford University who focuses on responsible and transparent AI. On an episode of AI Today podcast he addressed this concept along with interpretability – or understanding what an AI model is doing – as an indicator for successful interpretation.

Professional Career

Steve’s practice specializes in safeguarding the assets of financial institutions, resolving problem loans, and litigating commercial, insolvency, receivership and bankruptcy issues. He has foreclosed on various assets such as airplanes, trains, automobiles and livestock and has represented banks to enforce collateral assignments. Additionally, Steve serves as an adjunct professor of secured transactions at J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University.

Prior to being elected as Congressmember, Steve worked as a partner in his family’s construction company and as vice president of RightNow Technologies, a Bozeman-based cloud computing software start-up company. In 2022, Steve received the Democracy Award from the nonpartisan Congressional Management Foundation in recognition of his work promoting transparency and accountability within Congress. Steve championed legislation for more responsible use of Montana energy resources; push meaningful forest management reform forward; as well as demanding that members balance their budget or face being terminated from pay.

Personal Life

Steve’s favorite ways to unwind from work include spending time with his wife and children. Additionally, he loves outdoor activities like backpacking, hunting and skiing as well as volunteering at his church and community organizations.

Steve began his legal career by prosecuting juvenile delinquents, child abusers and neglectful parents at Sangamon County Juvenile Division before transitioning into prosecuting gang members, burglars and violent criminals in its felony division.

Steve serves the 54th Senate District, covering parts or all of Christian, Cumberland, Effingham, Macoupin, Macon Montgomery and Moultrie counties in central Illinois. His legislation has helped address public school teacher shortages; COVID-19 student learning gaps; bus driver shortages; as well as protecting citizens against online exploitation.

Net Worth

Steve Burns amassed millions through his music career and acting roles, YouTube, social media channels, sponsorship deals, brand endorsements, brand sponsorships, YouTube monetization and brand advertising deals, according to Celebrity Net Worth estimates of his estimated net worth at $10 Million.

The prankster is part of the NELK Boys, along with co-founders Jesse Sebastiani and Kyle Forgeard who created Full Send clothing line which brought in over $70 Million in annual profits and later Happy Daddy Hard alcohol which has garnered them millions in sales since its introduction.

Steve attributes his success in investing and amassing an exotic car collection, including an exclusive McLaren purchased for $300,000. To his wealth’s creation can be credited both prudent investment decisions and his wife Valerie Feigen.

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