Steve Turnipseed

Steve Turnipseed, PA, is an Expert in Landscaping

Steve Turnipseed, a chemical engineer-turned-PA, and landscaping expert recently transformed 7,000 square feet of turf grass into an abundant garden filled with native plants despite strict rules set by his HOA, according to Dwell.

Early Life and Education

Steven Turnipseed was born in New Orleans, Florida and later attended Georgia Tech for his bachelor’s degree. As a chemical engineer he spent 32 years at Chevron. Additionally he served in the US Army.

He joined the Special Forces Medical Counterinsurgency Program, where he earned the distinguished service medal for “an outstanding performance in a hazardous area that brought credit upon himself, this command, and ultimately, to all members of the U.S. Army”.

He graduated from MEDEX Northwest’s PA program at University of Washington and went on to found the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA). Serving on key committees and helping develop the first national certification exam for PAs; co-founding its minority affairs division as well as African American Caucus.

Professional Career

Turnipseed was a design architect specializing in educational facilities, hospitals and corporate headquarters projects. Additionally, he designed sports arenas including Nick Saban’s football facility at Alabama as well as Clemson University’s new stadium home.

He is also a proud veteran, having served with the U.S. Army Special Forces Medical Counterinsurgency Program in Thailand. His dedication and performance earned great admiration from both himself and his superiors, thus upholding military traditions with pride and honor.

Turnipseed earned his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering at Georgia Tech before going on to receive his Master of Architecture at Columbia University in the City of New York. Since 2010, Turnipseed has taught at Southern Illinois University where he offers Studio Design Courses across all levels, including its online graduate program.

Achievement and Honors

Turnipseed was typical of early MEDEX students: he hails from a military background. While serving with Thailand’s Special Forces Medical Counterinsurgency Program, Turnipseed “exhibited high levels of competence and professionalism while working under minimal supervision with unfamiliar individuals while upholding personal discipline and integrity.

Turnipseed dedicated his professional career to aiding those less fortunate within his community. He founded Columbia Food Not Bombs and advocated for homeless issues within Columbia.

MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant Program has recognized his efforts by honoring him with an award, the Steven Turnipseed PA-C Veterans Award. Each year it is given to an MEDEX NW Physician Assistant graduate who has demonstrated dedication and service akin to that shown by Turnipseed himself.

Personal Life

Turnipseed was inspired to found the Florida Native Plant Society at The Villages planned retirement community by his strong interest and desire to help others, Dwell reported. He serves on its Board and leads their local Chapter chapter of this organization.

Turnipseed brought an air of professionalism and military bearing to his physician assistant (PA) profession, becoming the first African American graduate from University of Washington’s MEDEX Northwest PA training program and co-founding the AAPA Minority Affairs Committee and African American Caucus.

He was one of the AAPA’s early representatives to key committees, helping develop its inaugural national certifying exam for PAs. Furthermore, he published numerous works related to PA topics.

Net Worth

Steve Turnipseed, former head of a $500 million Mississippi wealth-management firm that managed by him and his wife, now co-owns with her a Texas-based ketamine therapy clinic to treat patients for PTSD, depression and ADHD in his own state of Texas.

Turnipseed convinced Luquette to let him bring back Six Sigma deployment from Indonesia after 20 months, as process advisor or deployment champion of Chevron’s San Joaquin Valley business unit in California. This was Chevron’s first top-down business unit deployment; Turnipseed assisted with the program launch, provided Green Belt training for personnel, pushed them towards projects they had created and helped create results which impressed leadership – something leadership was very pleased to witness, according to Turnipseed.

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