Steven Barger

Steven Barger – A Man of Few Words

Steven Barger is an outdoor photographer specializing in landscape and wildlife photography, often shooting in remote locations requiring long travel times, endurance in cold temperatures and protection for both himself and his equipment.

After graduating from DMACC’s Ankeny Campus, Steve attended the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy and later joined an Iowa state troop. While on duty he became involved in drug enforcement as well as intelligence work.

Early Life and Education

Steven Barger was a man of few words but made an impactful impactful mark on this world through compassion, integrity and humility. His favorite pastime was spending time at the beach where he enjoyed flirting with beautiful women as well as enjoying Coca-Cola and cookies.

He graduated from Del Oro High School in Loomis, CA as both a varsity wrestler and academic decathlon scholar before heading off to study at UCSB where he met Geri and started their own rock band together.

As Director of Student Leadership Education at the University of Michigan, he oversees all student leadership initiatives across campus such as M-LEAD and other efforts of Division of Student Life’s Division of Student Life. In addition, he serves on Boiling Spring Lakes Commission Board and currently stands as District Four candidate on Brunswick County Schools Board.

Professional Career

Steven Barger is the Sales Manager at Securus Contact Systems with over six months of experience and is a highly knowledgeable professional in his role. Steven has an impressive understanding of customer needs as well as an eye for identifying opportunities to expand business growth.

He is a trusted advisor for trade associations, trust funds and employers. He helps them achieve tangible results while protecting assets and optimizing costs. His expertise includes international taxation and multi-employer pension plans.

He has photographed landscapes and wildlife in some of the most remote places on earth – South Africa, Namibia and Tanzania, Svalbard and Iceland being among them – which have since been featured in NANPA and PPA’s Loan Collections.

Personal Life

Steven was an outdoor enthusiast and competitive endurance athlete, as well as an enthusiastic supporter of local and international aid programs. He loved traveling and had many friends all over the globe. Additionally, Steven was known as an award-winning wildlife and landscape photographer renowned for capturing rare animal behavior with patience and dedication.

Steven currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geriatrics and Cell Biology at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, where he conducts research on Alzheimer’s disease. His team recently discovered that ablation of amyloid precursor protein genes increases levels and activity of insulin-degrading enzymes both within the brain itself as well as peripheral tissues.

Steven was responsible for leading multiple clubs on campus during his time at Palmer College, including the Gonstead Club and Florida Chiropractic Society club.

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