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Artist Profile – Steven Beckly

Steven Beckly uses photography and sculpture to explore intimate spaces. Cultivating moments of closeness and intimacy, his works explores the relationships between body, landscape and natural world. Based in Toronto, Canada and represented by Daniel Faria Gallery.

Steve Beckley has spent 16 years running Glenwood Springs’ Historic Fairy Caves. Now, his focus will shift toward reinstating one of its landmark attractions – Iron Mountain Hot Springs on Colorado River.

Early Life and Education

Beckly was raised in Ogden, Utah but spent much of his adult life studying petroleum engineering at the University of Colorado. It was there where he discovered caving and began exploring Fairy Caves on Iron Mountain with friends.

Beckly’s photographic work features poetic interpretations of the heart’s chambers, channels, and connections in order to illuminate issues of love, desire, and loss. His images take the form of unbound books inviting viewers to flick pages freely in order to shape interrelations and establish connections.

He currently resides in Toronto, Canada where his works have been shown at Centre3 and Daniel Faria Gallery. Recently he completed solo shows such as Love S.O.S at Centre3 and an installation called Meirenyu at Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

Professional Career

Steven Beckley is a Canadian photographer whose images explore intimacy at its core. Through immersive gallery exhibitions, public art projects, and playful publications, his work investigates social dynamics between individuals and collectives.

Beginning his career in theater, he went on to appear with various provincial repertory companies before transitioning into film and television roles such as appearing as a psychopath in Camp Freddie (1970).

Beckly uses sculpture, photography and installation in his series The Heart Can’t Wait to create tiny monuments dedicated to human emotion at Daniel Faria Gallery in Toronto until August 22. The show runs until then.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Beckley is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in photography, books, sculpture and installations. His works explore the complexity of relationships, intimacy and closeness; exploring optics-versus-haptics debates along with materiality-versus sensuality concerns.

He earned his Bachelors of Science (Psychology) from the University of Toronto and Master of Fine Arts from Guelph. Since then, his work has been showcased internationally at venues like Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography (Toronto); Photo Center NW in Seattle; and Photographic Resource Center (Boston).

Beckley’s work mirrors that of artists such as Felix Gonzales-Torres and Uta Barth, who use art to visualize abstract concepts or ideas. Recent and upcoming solo exhibitions by Beckley include Lightbringer at Stride Gallery (Calgary); Love S.O.S at Centre3 (Hamilton); Meirenyu at Daniel Faria Gallery (Toronto); If I Have A Body presents works by Shuvinai Ashoona, Steven Beckly, Billy Ray Belcourt Laurie Kang and Veronika Pausova.

Personal Life

Beckley was an enthusiastic tinker who first began his career repairing musical instruments before transitioning into bow making for professional musicians with careful selection of wood and meticulous work on graduations and cambering.

He and his wife Jeanne reopened Glenwood Springs’ Fairy Caves to the public in 1999, while also overseeing their reopening. Since then, he has overseen reopening of another historic attraction –the Iron Mountain Hot Springs along the Colorado River–as well as being an avid caver. He also spends much time exploring caves worldwide.

Love S.O.S. features hundreds of photographs from Beckley’s ongoing project to examine intimacy–an array of interactions which connect rather than distance or explain. A soundtrack featuring love songs further complements these captivating images.

Net Worth

His estimated net worth is around $5 Million, generated through his musical career, movie projects, real estate investments, philanthropy efforts and investments in real estate and businesses. Specifically he is well known for donating to numerous organizations like Berkeley International House, Mills College Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Program as well as San Francisco Symphony.

Early on in his career, he worked in the petroleum industry. To make money in that business, he attended seminars and read books. Soon enough, he started buying property to sell to others; owning properties in Quincy, Lake Tahoe and Sacramento as well as acting as part-time real estate broker; additionally trading Century Aluminum Co (CENX) stock throughout his tenure.

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