Steven Behm

Steven Behm – A Renaissance Man

He was an avid fisherman, deer hunter, and loved traveling up north in Minnesota where his cabin is. Unfortunately, due to melanoma cancer he passed away.

Edelman, a global public relations firm, employed him. With 19 years of experience and multiple board memberships at several companies under their wing, he provided strategic counsel.

Early Life and Education

Behm began his project by discussing the history and operation of space operations and satellites/rockets, sharing his experience launching model rockets from elementary school through college launching programs; volunteers helped attach tail fins onto each rocket.

NU tour guides retell how Forrest Behm’s father sought help from a veterinarian to rewrap, salve and stretch Forrest Behm’s injured leg daily – taking years until it reached full strength again – before playing tackle football for a team that went all the way to Rose Bowl in high school.

Tangedal has designed lighting for over 500 local theatre productions, including 17 this year alone at StageDoor, Vintage Firehouse and Evergreen Players. He has also mixed audio for 13 shows at Aurora Fox Theatre Center Town Hall Arts Center PACE Center.

Professional Career

Steven Behm is a bankruptcy law specialist. He holds memberships with both the Minnesota State Bar Association and American Bankruptcy Institute and has earned certification as a Consumer Bankruptcy Specialist. Steven has been practicing law since 1990 and is admitted before all Minnesota courts.

Edelman’s national Crisis, Risk and Reputation practice provides him with the tools he needs to assist companies with protecting their brand during critical exposure moments. This responsibility includes preparedness planning, litigation communication, cyber-security monitoring and corporate reputation management.

He enjoyed reading, attending Minnesota State University Mankato hockey and football games, spending time with family, fishing and hunting – but unfortunately succumbed to melanoma cancer at his Maple Grove residence in Minnesota.

Achievement and Honors

Behm is a true Renaissance man, adept at working both behind-the-scenes and front of house. As a songwriter, his melodic and lyrical intelligence shines through in his music; additionally he has achieved considerable success as an entrepreneur across various areas of entertainment industry.

He has written for various Canadian artists including dance artist Miss Mercury, singer/songwriters Kate Morgan and Chandelle as well as award-winning country songtress Angela Harris. He works extensively in Vancouver studios such as Blackbird, Warehouse, Mushroom and Armoury Studios while his home studio on the water in Qualicum is widely considered state-of-the-art facility.

He has designed sound for local theatre productions at Aurora Fox, Vintage and Evergreen Players; in addition, he has provided lighting design for over 500 local productions.

Personal Life

Behm is an industry renaissance man. He has operated successful live venues/clubs in Canada and the Caribbean, founded one of Canada’s premier sound/lighting companies (Premier Productions), promoted concerts for artists like Nazareth and Nickelback and even has his own well-equipped studio right on Vancouver Island.

He has co-written songs with some of Nashville and Los Angeles’ premier songwriters such as Pamela Oland (Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin), Ron Irving (Ann Murray, Jenifer Rush) as well as British guitarist Steve Morris from Ian Gillan Band. Their creative partnership has proven especially fruitful.

Penny Pomroy, his significant other and several siblings will miss him greatly, as will his cabin up north where he enjoyed fishing, deer hunting and camping.

Net Worth

At trial court’s conclusion that Frances’ contributions enabled Roger to participate in the development of the Behm Family Companies, she did not receive an equalization of her share when they divorced. This may be attributed to Roger signing personal guaranties on behalf of those entities for large debt amounts; additionally he invested substantial family savings into unprofitable businesses instead of placing great value on his 480-acre share of family land.

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