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Steven Burda is an expert in business development with more than two decades of sales leadership experience. Currently he works for Trexin Consulting.

He boasts over 50,000 connections and 3,000+ recommendations on LinkedIn. Additionally, he is highly sought-after as a speaker.

Pro se plaintiff Steven Burda seeks to challenge a final determination from the Office of Open Records that denied his request for access to public records. According to his complaint, a judge issued an order which violates his constitutional rights.

Early Life and Education

Stephen was an avid sports fan who took great pleasure in boating. For four years he served on Hagaman Village Board. Additionally he enjoyed family vacations to Florida and an extended 3 week winter cruise through the Bahamas with his wife; bowling games with family friends as well as hosting clam bakes.

As a student he took daily painting lessons against his father’s wishes in order to pursue a career in painting. An heir of the publishing house he eventually published Bild und Funk [de] newspaper before going on to found SUPERillu magazine (launching it six weeks before German reunification).

Burda also supports the Felix Burda Foundation for early detection and treatment of colorectal cancer, serving as chairman for its Munich conference Digital Life Design conference.

Professional Career

Burda was active in advertising agencies and publishing houses throughout his career, founding Super TV program magazine and SUPERillu men’s magazine as well as co-founding Digital Life Design Conference [de].

German-Jewish interest groups honored Felix Burda with an Interfaith Gold Medallion for his tireless advocacy on behalf of industrial reparations claims and revitalizing Jewish life in Munich. Additionally, he became a member of the Bavarian Academy of Arts. Additionally, in 2001 Felix established the Felix Burda Foundation to remember his son who succumbed to colon cancer.

He currently oversees digital marketing, catalog circulation and campaign analytics for Road Scholar, in addition to being an active speaker and panelist. His Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Saint Anselm College can be found here; and he hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Achievement and Honors

Burda is an esteemed member of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts and was honored with Germany’s Order of Merit. Additionally, he serves as Chairman of Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich Board and honorary senator at College of Jewish Studies Heidelberg College; additionally he sits on Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation advisory council and co-finances an English version of their Holocaust visual history project.

In 1999, Hubert Burda established the Hubert Burda Foundation – dedicated to literature and international understanding as well as science, culture and art – which supports women in media through Aenne Burda Award as well as Felix Burda Foundation for Colon Cancer Prevention established in memory of Felix who passed away due to colorectal cancer in 2001. Additionally, supporting German edition of Partners in Tolerance as well as founding the Paten fur Toleranz initiative with German publishing houses were among its projects.

Personal Life

Steven Burda is renowned and generous philanthropist who has established several charitable foundations. In 1999, he established the Hubert Burda Foundation dedicated to literature, international understanding, art, culture and science; later that same year, he established Felix Burda Foundation which supports colon cancer prevention and treatment initiatives; finally he is also chairman of Munich’s annual Digital Life Design conference.

Steven Burda was a longtime resident of Arlington Heights, living at both 121 W Maple St and 2106 Wren Ln. For four years he served on Hagaman Village Board. An avid boater himself, Steven enjoyed spending time on the water with family as well as camping and bowling. He leaves behind Alene Burda as his spouse as well as two sons Jason and Jakob who will miss him greatly.

Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth estimates their combined estimated net worth as being in the region of USD 400 Million. He is an active LinkedIn user and one of the most connected and recommended individuals on this social media platform.

Though he gave ownership of Burda Media shares to his children, rights of usufruct enable him to reap economic benefits from their holdings. Felix Burda founded two philanthropic endeavors – Felix Burda Foundation was established in memory of his son who succumbed to colon cancer; Petrarca Translator Prize awards literary translation prizes; while Forbes Real-Time Billionaires rankings update every five minutes when markets open (although stock prices may take 15 minutes longer to update). Estimates for private companies are estimated using their most recent financial data.

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