Steven Covert

Steven Covert – City Planner by Profession

Steven is a city planner by profession and has earned many local awards. His passion lies with community development in The Bay.

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Early Life and Education

Steven Wilson made two projects his stepping stones into professional music: Porcupine Tree and No Man. These musical outlets allowed Steven to explore his interest in psychedelia, progressive rock and seventies-influenced music while overdubbing every instrument himself on early demo tapes.

Steven has illustrated over 37 children’s picture books and written/illustrated 5 of them himself. Additionally, he has produced hundreds of illustrations for client projects such as advertising, magazines, newspapers, product packaging, publishing and retail graphics.

He and Tabitha King, novelist extraordinaire, live in Maine. Together they regularly donate to numerous local and national charities as well as provide scholarships for high school students. Lastly they donate regularly to their local library.

Professional Career

Steven has held various roles at graduate business schools, where he built or led career management teams for MBA and specialty masters students. Additionally, he worked in IBM and other smaller firms. Since 2017, Steven has led city planning for Sarasota. Since his arrival, his work in this area has been recognized on local, state and national levels – including being awarded with both a Ph.D from Singapore Management University and an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin.

Personal Life

Steven is widely respected for the high quality of his productions and is in high demand as both an audio engineer and mixer/producer. He has collaborated with Norwegian singer Ninet Tayeb, Swedish progressive metal band Opeth and founded drone/ambient/experimental group Bass Communion – among many others.

In 2010, Steven began recording material for Grace For Drowning. This record featured an exceptional band and its songs were more varied than on The Raven That Refused to Sing; its success led to a quadrophonic tour with sold out audiences throughout Europe and North America. Two years later he recorded Hand Cannot Erase at Air Studios London which blended electronic sounds, progressive rock epics, and stripped down acoustic balladry into one cohesive work of music.

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