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Trauma-Informed Frameworks and Restorative Practices for Schools

Steve Fiedeldey, founder of Fiedeldey Consulting LLC, boasts an extensive background in education. During his 12 years at Montclair State University as an adjunct professor, school psychologist, and educational leader he specialized in creating comprehensive trauma-informed frameworks and restorative practices in schools as well as advocating against stigmatizing mental health issues.

Early Life and Education

Fiedeldey brings with him over 12 years of experience working as a teacher, support services leader and educational leadership professional. During that time he created and implemented comprehensive crisis intervention protocols and procedures as well as school-based universal mental health screening for depression and anxiety screenings. Furthermore, he has significant expertise in creating and deploying restorative practices within schools.

Twelve years ago, Steve Fiedeldey experienced the shock of a lifetime when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma – it would prove life changing for both him and his family. Treatment provided a chance for recovery.

Since that time, Steve has dedicated his career to supporting children’s social and emotional needs through trauma-informed practices in schools. He founded Fiedeldey Consulting – an entity providing mental health consulting for educators and school districts – as an attempt at helping support these needs.

Professional Career

Steve Fiedeldey has led a distinguished professional life. As a teacher, school psychologist, and educational leader he has implemented multi-tiered systems of support in schools while working on restorative practices projects – with his most notable achievement being developing a trauma-informed framework for school districts.

Twelve years ago, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and its diagnosis brought home the harsh reality that his life and plans were no longer assured. Since then, his commitment has shifted toward creating an environment in which all children can feel welcome, seen and cared for.

Fiedeldey Consulting LLC was established by him. His company provides comprehensive support to school districts, educators, families and advocates by identifying, creating and deploying quality professional support.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Fiedeldey is a restorative practitioner with extensive education experience. As founder and owner of Fiedeldey Consulting LLC, which works with schools to support their students’ social-emotional wellbeing, he has extensive experience as a teacher, counselor, educational leader, and is passionate about helping both children and adults develop emotional intelligence. Recently he joined author/educator Patty McGee to explore trauma informed care within an educational community while offering restorative practices strategies that support mental wellbeing among educators, students and parents and listeners can listen in here.

Personal Life

Steve Fiedeldey was shocked to receive news of his stage three Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis twelve years ago, yet credits it as saving his life and prompting significant changes to his lifestyle and career goals.

Since then, Fiedeldey has successfully overhauled the psychology curriculum at Montclair State University while serving as an adjunct professor and educational leader. Furthermore, he established Fiedeldey Consulting which assists school districts implement comprehensive crisis intervention protocols and restorative practices.

Steve is a proud father of three and often finds himself tinkering in his woodshop or trying out new recipes with his wife. Additionally, Steve dedicates much of his free time as a volunteer at Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge (RBARI), north Jersey’s premier no-kill shelter where he serves as volunteer adoption counselor and is involved with revamping of its Gift Shop.

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