Steven Franco

Steven Franco – A Profile of First-Generation Guatemalan-American Actor and Real Estate Professional

Steven Franco is a first-generation Guatemalan-American theatre artist who has appeared in multiple English and Spanish-language productions. Additionally, he has extensive experience as a REO asset manager.

Coach Steven Franco has assembled an eight-boxer team at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, which could rival Usain Bolt in their performance at this summer’s Armed Forces Boxing Championship. To keep his boxers conditioned for competition he incorporates plyometrics, strength conditioning workouts and sparring sessions into their training regimens.

Early Life and Education

Steven Franco is an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation law. A first-generation American, Steven learned the value of hard work and determination from his parents; now one of Northern California’s premier workers’ compensation attorneys.

He also boasts an extensive musical background and has performed on stage. Additionally, he attended Signature Theatre’s Overtures Musical Theatre Institute to further hone his craft.

In 2020, he co-created Players4Change at George Mason University with Deema Turkomani in order to advocate for and empower BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and disabled theatre students. He strongly values combining his art with activism; decolonizing theatre-making is his ultimate passion.

Professional Career

Steven Franco joined EP Wealth Advisors in 2021 as a wealth advisor, where he enjoys helping clients realize their financial goals while increasing financial literacy.

He is also an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, representing injured parties throughout Northern California in state courts in Oakland, San Francisco and Salinas.

He is passionate about the arts and a first-generation Guatemalan-American theatre artist. Through his experiences, he has learned how to prioritize and celebrate Latine stories, culture and resilience onstage in ways which are both empowering and unapologetic. An alumnus of Signature Theatre’s Overtures Musical Theatre Institute; activist for equity, diversity and inclusion on campus; as well as co-founder of Players4Change.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Franco is president and co-owner of Bailey Place Insurance in Cortland, New York and recently was honored to be named one of Central New York’s 40 Under Forty business leaders and professionals.

Franco is a graduate of Signature Theatre’s Overtures Musical Theatre Institute. His passion lies with casting and directing. Franco hails from Guatemalan-American heritage and speaks both English and Spanish fluently – an impressive combination!

Anya Curlej and Steven Franco were chosen as winners of this year’s Alfred H. Baumann Free Public Library Poetry Contest for students 18-and-older, chosen by a panel of judges for their poems entitled “A Prayer for the Kind-Hearted Man” and “Ode to Coca-Cola”, respectively. Both students attend Berkeley College; Anya is studying business administration while Steven is finishing a BFA Graphic Design degree.

Personal Life

Steven Franco is a first-generation Guatemalan-American theatre artist. He has performed in numerous English and Spanish language productions as well as teaching acting.

Franco witnessed Michael Corinthos (then Drew Garrett) murder his stepmother Heather Webber and sent Michael and Jason crime scene reenactment photos to portray it. Additionally, he dressed like a homeless vagrant to spray paint CO77X around Port Charles.

Sam discovers she is pregnant, and gets a paternity test which indicates Jason as being her biological father. But then Sam comes across a DVD from Franco revealing how he paid Carter to attack Michael; Franco then taunts Sam that she will never discover the truth.

Rodos Realty Partners was established by Robert in December 2012. Since then he has participated in multiple opportunistic retail acquisitions and development projects as well as professional membership organizations.

Net Worth

His most recent film, 127 Hours, was a box office success and he is widely acclaimed for both acting in and directing The Disaster Artist movie.

Franco has an extensive background in both real estate and business. He holds real estate licenses in both Georgia and Florida and has extensive experience with acquisition, development and redevelopment of commercial properties for institutional public REITs, high profile development firms and national brokerage companies.

He has also invested in various other business endeavors, including an energy drink company and several knife ranges; although his investments in them were not always successful. He resides with his wife and daughter in Atlanta, Georgia.

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