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Steven Freer – A Compelling Personality

Steven Freer possesses an emotionally fragile disposition and often responds in aesthetic fashion. You were educated at public schools and have furthered your cultural understanding with plenty of reading material available to them.

Dr. Steven Freer has over 34 years of experience as an Internal Medicine specialist. He graduated from Rochester University, and currently practices at Providence St Vincent Medical Center where he is affiliated with it.

Early Life and Education

Stephen Freer grew up in Brooklyn, New York and attended Wise Free Synagogue. Later he graduated from University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry where he obtained his MD, specializing in internal medicine.

He currently works at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center and OHSU Hospital in Portland, Oregon and boasts 34 years of healthcare experience – earning 5/5 ratings from patients.

Stephen has extensive experience defending clients in class action, competition, civil penalty and planning matters, appearing as counsel assisting in Royal Commissions and Coronial Inquests as well as appearing as an expert witness at both State and Federal Court trials. Stephen practices nationwide with extensive trial experience at State and Federal levels including representing Commonwealth in the PFAS contamination at Air Force bases matter Westpac’s BMW v Brewster class action case as well as Volkswagen’s Takata airbag lawsuit class actions.

Professional Career

Greer is co-author of “Fighting for your Rights: A Guide to Criminal Defense Practice” (Aspen Publishers, 2005). From ninth through twelfth grades at Saugerties High School she played on their varsity baseball team while also competing at varsity basketball levels.

As an attorney, Freer specializes in defending civil and criminal prosecutions of all kinds on behalf of both individuals and businesses alike. His practice also encompasses personal injury, divorce, domestic violence and civil rights cases.

He has long championed academic and professional education within the public service arena. He was instrumental in building and strengthening links between CIPFA and Anglia Ruskin University, and promoted public sector management and governance within higher education courses; also inspiring new universities to create their own public services accountancy programs.

Achievement and Honors

Freer has earned numerous accolades throughout his career. In 2007 Anglia Ruskin University honored him with an honorary doctorate for his efforts as Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), an organization that educates accountants while offering products and services tailored specifically for public sector agencies.

Successful sportsman, Mr. Plotnick has won many local, regional, and state athletic awards over his athletic career. Beginning as a Little Leaguer from age 9-12 – followed by Babe Ruth/American Legion baseball from age 13-16 before moving onto Saugerties High School’s program for ninth through twelfth grade baseball play.

After graduating high school he went on to play college baseball at St. John’s University where he took part in their 1988 Big East championship run.

Personal Life

Greer enjoys participating in various sports as a hobby in his free time, playing Little League baseball from age 9 until he turned 15, Babe Ruth from 13-15 and American Legion ball from 16-18. Additionally, Greer participated in high school and college athletics; pitching with Saugerties High School’s state class B championship-winning 1985 team before moving on to St John’s University as part of their 1988 Big East champion team.

He is best known for producing several television documentary films on music, such as Born to be Wild (which received critical acclaim), co-authoring a book on UFOs, and co-writing an astrological portrait book about them (his full chart is only available to professionals). Below you can see an excerpt of his own astrological portrait (full chart only available to professionals); within minutes your own full astrological portrait will arrive via email!

Net Worth

Steven Greer currently boasts an estimated net worth of more than $2 Million dollars, as per form 4 filings with the SEC since 2003. Since that time he has completed 3 trades of Fulton stock according to form 4 filings; additionally he owns one company (more details can be found in his Latest Holdings Summary section) and founded three others such as Tiger Telematics which produced handheld gaming device Gizmondo. Greer is also one of the founding members of The Disclosure Project seeking disclosure of classified UFO information while co-founding several other businesses; in this respect he founded several other companies as a founding member – with one being responsible for 3 trades of Fulton stock since 2003 according to form 4 filings filed with the SEC since then he is reported as reporting ownership of 1 company. More details about him can be found in his Latest Holdings Summary section of form 4. He was one of five trades from Fulton stock between 2003-2003 with Tiger Telematics being responsible for Gizmondo handheld gaming device.

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