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Former 311 Boyz Gang Member Steven Gazlay in Custody

Steven Gazlay of the 311 Boyz Gang has been arrested after he and his girlfriend skipped out on a videoconference court appearance and failed to show up at their scheduled videoconference court appearance. It is suspected that Steven tampered with a GPS ankle bracelet and detached his electronic monitoring device in order to make their escape.

He and Dana Bevers defrauded a lender of $707,375 using identity theft and falsified documents in a mortgage scam, using some of that money for gambling sprees.

Early Life and Education

Steven Gazlay, 29, an ex-311 Boyz leader who was wanted for participating in an alleged 2020 mortgage scam where they bilked hard money lenders out of $707,375 by using identity theft and falsifying documents in their scheme, has been arrested in Madison County Idaho. Police allege their participation was coordinated using identity theft.

As Judge Cherry read off their names, Gazlay’s face reddens and his eyes begin to water as his sentence includes 325 days in CCDC and $6,370 restitution; Costello receives five years probation upon release – prompting both parents of teens involved to quickly leave the courtroom.

Professional Career

Gazlay and his girlfriend allegedly committed mortgage fraud by forging documents and fraudulently taking possession of properties, according to court records. They studied mortgage lending to create fraudulent transactions with two properties located in Las Vegas that included fraudulent escrow loans that they obtained using fake transactions created from fake mortgage lending studies they conducted.

Gazlay’s attorney, James Buchanan, asserted he believed the jury could see through any attempts his client made at portraying himself as innocent and that their verdict sent a strong warning message to 311 Boyz.

Prosecutors believe this conviction will serve as a template for other teens’ trials this summer, who stand accused of attacking Stephen Tanner Hansen with rocks and using butter knives to burn another teenager, among other assaults.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Gazlay first gained notoriety in 2003 for being arrested with members of the 311 Boyz, a Las Vegas gang which maimed a teenage victim with a rock. Gazlay later earned eight felony convictions before being released from High Desert State Prison in 2019.

He is accused of orchestrating a mortgage fraud scheme with 36-year-old Dana Nee from Las Vegas. Court records state they allegedly worked together notarizing fraudulent documents in real estate deals.

Prosecutor James Buchanan noted that the jury could see through Gazlay’s “veneer of innocence”. Additionally, he plans on appearing before a domestic violence jury next month in connection with domestic abuse allegations brought against his girlfriend- mother of his three children – she also charged him with domestic violence during their relationship. Buchanan has had great success winning high-profile cases such as prosecuting Ted Binion’s killers.

Personal Life

Steven G Gazlay has lived at several addresses within Las Vegas, Nevada.

Authorities claim a former 311 Boyz gang member defrauded lenders out of $700,000 to fund his high-stakes gambling spree, authorities reported. Furthermore, together with co-conspirator Dana Nee he helped notarize fraudulent documents related to mortgage loans police have also charged.

At a party held in July, Gazlay used a crowbar to batter one child while also using a hot knife heated on the stove to burn another teen. A judge sentenced him to 15 years behind bars.

A jury found the former 311 Boyz member guilty of battery and assault for using a crowbar to beat two young men with last summer. When sentenced on Feb 17th he could receive up to 15 years imprisonment; for now he remains free on bail pending court hearing.

Net Worth

Former 311 Boyz member Antonio Jones made headlines in 2003 for maiming two young men with rocks and one with a crowbar, before later being charged with beating another teen using the same tool in 2004. He was ultimately found guilty for both charges.

After his release from prison in 2019, he and Dana Nee, also known as Dana Bevers, were arrested in a mortgage scam that defrauded an Arizona lender out of $707,375 through identity theft and falsified documents.

At issue here was their use of the fake name of a Houston company to form operating agreements and take false possession of real estate in Nevada under false pretence. Once this property was in their control, they received fraudulent financing from title companies before failing to appear at a scheduled video conference court appearance last week in Las Vegas for which a warrant had been issued against both.

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