Steven Jumper

Steven Jumper – Co-Founder and CEO of Ghost Note

Jumper follows a teenage protagonist with the ability to teleport as he escapes an abusive household and embarks on his search for his mother who left him as an infant, as well as developing a relationship with someone whom he keeps his secret ability from.

Steven is the President of Strategy at Ghost Note, one of DC’s fastest-growing boutique digital creative agencies. His clients include Google, Microsoft and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Early Life and Education

Steven Jumper is co-founder and CEO of Ghost Note Agency – one of America’s premier multicultural design and strategy agencies. A skilled storyteller, Steven is committed to inspiring diverse creatives and entrepreneurs from different backgrounds to make their voices heard.

Prior to founding Ghost Note, Steven held various cabinet-level and corporate public affairs roles for government. A veteran of public sector affairs, he has extensive knowledge about local, state and federal policy issues.

John Paul Mixon is the author of two science fiction novels: Jumper and its sequel Reflex; as well as short stories “Rory” and “Peaches for Mad Molly”. He lives with his wife Laura J. Mixon in Albuquerque, New Mexico where they have two daughters. Paul Mixon was also vice-director for South/Central Region at Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America from 1986-1989.

Professional Career

Steven Jumper has over two decades of experience in public affairs. He has held government cabinet-level and corporate executive-level roles at government entities as well as companies. Steven has led multiple public policy campaigns encompassing federal/state government relations, community affairs, philanthropy and PAC administration.

Ghost Note is one of America’s fastest-growing boutique creative and strategy agencies, under his direction as co-founder, partner, and CEO. A passionate storyteller himself, he strives to help underrepresented creatives and entrepreneurs make their voices heard.

Professional Show Jumper at Grand Prix Level in America and Internationally

Achievement and Honors

Steven Jumper is co-founder and CEO of Ghost Note, one of America’s premier multicultural design and strategy agencies. A skilled storyteller with an unwavering commitment to underrepresented creatives’ voices being heard, Steven has helped build Ghost Note’s reputation with clients such as Google, Nike and Obama Foundation trusting his services.

Stephens Equestrian Designs produces jumps for competition. His passion for analysis led him to design courses for numerous high-profile horse shows around the country and abroad.

He released his novel Jumper in 1992 and later made it into a film in 2008. A sequel called Griffin’s Story also came out that year and took place within its world.

Personal Life

Steven Jumper is one of the co-founders and partners at Ghost Note Agency, a top communications firm in Washington, DC. A veteran public affairs professional, Steven has long championed underrepresented communities within America – working for Johns Hopkins University, FLO Wine, and Child Welfare League of America among many others.

He devotes much of his time and thought to riding, carefully considering every action before proceeding in his plans. Unfortunately, this can also become his weakness: he’s unwilling to change course once established.

Jumper: Griffin’s Story suffers from being tied to the movie of the same name. This restricts its scope, limiting Gould’s solutions and their possible outcomes.

Net Worth

Stephen has invested his earnings into lavish properties across the UK. Currently he owns homes in Benfleet Essex, Leicester and Barnet – showing them off with rustic hues and brown leather sofas in 2019. Stephen shared a video in 2019 showing off one of these properties which boasts his home living room that has rustic hues with brown leather sofas as decor.

Before co-founding Cerity Partners, Steven spent over twenty years at Legg Mason Investment Counsel designing investment portfolio strategies for high net worth individuals and families, corporate executives, professional athletes, coaches, foundations and retirement plans. Additionally, he was appointed as Managing Member at Round Table Wealth Management; an investment firm dedicated to creating customized portfolios for wealthy individuals and families.

John P Jumper owns an impressive $14 Million worth of shares of NACCO Industries Inc (NC), as indicated by his Form 4 Insider Trading History. Since 2020 he has completed over 1 trade of these DWSN shares as detailed by this Form 4.

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