Steven Kangas

The Death of Steven Kangas

Steve Kangas was an exemplary family man. He left behind Maya, Quinn and Autumn who were so deeply affected by his passing. His death left an enormous void within their lives.

His website, Liberalism Resurgent, was highly political. His articles often took aim at America’s overclass businesses and the CIA for their propaganda campaigns; he also enjoyed conspiracy theories.

Early Life and Education

Steven Kangas was born and educated in South Carolina before enrolling at religious academies before serving with the Army intelligence service in Monterey while learning Russian before later serving in Germany conducting electronic eavesdropping on Soviet military units.

Kangas contributed articles to his website, Liberallism Resurgent. As his writing displayed an increasing tendency toward conspiracy theorizing, which was alarming given that he once actively championed liberal causes on Usenet newsgroups.

Kangas’ death garnered little media coverage when he shot himself in the bathroom of conservative billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife at One Oxford Centre downtown and it was determined to be a suicide.

Professional Career

Steve began his professional life at 14 years old. He began as a moped tour guide at Arcadian Copper Mine. To get there each day he would ride this motorized cart from home.

Liberalism Resurgent was widely known for being at the forefront of Internet political debates, and his Web site served as an encyclopedia and primer for Usenet political discussions. When his death occurred unexpectedly, even those familiar with his writing were taken aback.

He shot himself on February 8 in the men’s room outside One Oxford Centre offices of conservative philanthropist Richard Mellon Scaife, owner of Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and owned by one Richard Mellon Scaife’s offices at One Oxford Centre. Some conspiracy theorists have linked his death with White House deputy counsel Vincent Foster’s suicide from 1993.

Achievement and Honors

Kangas was well known as an active participant in online discussion forums, particularly for his series of articles devoted to liberal politics entitled Liberalism Resurgent on his site. He spoke out passionately for both the underclass and middle classes while attacking what he perceived to be pervasive “business propaganda” throughout America. He soon began posting conspiracy theories online – an unusual development for someone who spent much of their early life as a conservative Christian and Army linguist in Berlin. His mother believes his suicide may have been due to intelligence officials assassinating him, while his father asserts they were out to tarnish the reputation of former boss.

Personal Life

Steve Kangas of Sumner was married to Kelly Gilliland, with three sons Joshua, Justin, and Casey being his pride and joy. Family meant everything to him.

Kangas served in Berlin during the 1980s as an Army intelligence employee, electronically intercepting and analyzing communication traffic from East bloc military units. According to his Web site, Richard Mellon Scaife was behind Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s investigation of President Clinton; foundations controlled by him, think tanks and advocacy groups created by Scaife formed an “overclass” with links to the CIA.

Scaife’s hiring of Rex Armistead as a private detective to investigate Kangas raises suspicions, as does his bullet found near Kangas’ body; both signs point toward something other than suicide being the cause.

Net Worth

Edward A. Kangas has an estimated net worth between $1 and $2 Million dollars, with most of his wealth coming from working as a Journalist.

His work with high-net-worth families involved helping them manage their wealth across multiple asset classes and locations, with many assets held by various holding companies that were difficult to track due to different tax regimes.

Kangas’ writings at Liberalism Resurgent indicated a new direction prior to his death; he appeared increasingly drawn to conspiracy theories, particularly ones concerning CIA plots to concentrate wealth among conservative political interests. This marked a dramatic turnaround from someone who had long disdained conspiracy theorizing; almost everyone who interacted with Kangas during his final years was surprised and stunned at this sudden change of course.

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