Steven Labadessa

COS Art Gallery Presents Steven Labadessa

COS Art Gallery is pleased to host Steven Labadessa’s hallucinatory realism as our second Fall show. Each piece in his show has incredible realism while remaining open for interpretation, adding depth and mystery to his works.

He is best known for portraiture that challenges conventional Western notions of beauty by including expository details and symbols into his subjects’ faces.

Early Life and Education

Steven Labadessa is an internationally-recognized artist hailing from New York. His artwork has been showcased in multiple art magazines and lectured at schools nationwide; additionally he has displayed it at venues in Illinois, South Carolina and Florida before currently teaching at Eastern Michigan University.

Labadessa’s collection comprises paintings and pencil sketches of human subjects who frequently recur in his portraiture work, with the purpose of “exploring portraiture that challenges modern Western notions of beauty”. He achieves this through including explanatory details or symbols into his subject matter.

His work, such as “Sever/Moon,” features realistic imagery that demands viewers pay close attention to every detail and consider its meaning – one of the many intriguing aspects that makes his collection both intriguing and provocative.

Professional Career

Labadessa’s famed work “Sever/Moon,” depicting a woman’s face to appear like the moon’s surface, has captured viewers’ attention in both beauty and repulsiveness – these qualities combine to make his collection truly exceptional and unforgettably memorable. COS is delighted to host his work through Oct 30 in our Cafe Breve art gallery! Don’t miss this truly remarkable exhibition!

Personal Life

Steven Labadessa is an internationally acclaimed artist who has garnered numerous awards and exhibited his works at art galleries nationwide. He has spoken on his art at schools in Illinois, South Carolina and Florida as well as being published in six accredited art magazines. Furthermore, he serves as professor of fine arts at Eastern Michigan University as well as teaching classes at Missouri Southern State University and University of St Francis Fort Wayne Indiana.

Denton uses realistic depictions to capture his subjects that are both beautiful and disturbing, challenging contemporary Western notions of beauty while leaving interpretation up to each viewer. One of his most renowned pieces, “Sever/Moon,” features an image of the moon’s surface complete with all its craters and imperfections.

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