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Lundberg, Lundberg and Fredrik Lundberg

Steven Lundberg is an attorney at Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner, a Law Firms & Legal Services company. He specializes in patent law, providing intellectual property representation to clients.

His art can be found throughout the White House, Corning Museum and private collections worldwide. Additionally, he pioneered California torchwork – an innovative glassblowing process which creates beautiful glass patterns such as flowers and fauna, koi fish and monarch butterflies – creating vivid designs in vivid hues.

Early Life and Education

Lundberg Studios remains under the direction of James’ wife Rebecca and longtime glass artist Daniel Salazar, employing talented artists who work in the Renaissance studio tradition. Each piece produced at Lundberg Studios bears both studio name and artist initials alongside dates.

Lundberg pioneered the California torchwork technique, which allows him to draw with liquid glass. Additionally, he perfected his craft of creating beautiful swirling paperweights with vibrant hues.

Swedish culture is well known for its industry, frugality and honesty – characteristics he instilled into his children Kate, Tommy and Justin. All three pursue careers in the arts with Justin acting as photographer who creates creative content for companies like Lollapalooza and Whole Foods Market.

Professional Career

At the factory, a masked machinist coaxes metal into production templates with his wrench, creating shockwaves of noise and 10-foot showers of sparks. Meanwhile, another room contains craftsmen using diamond polishing wheels to uncover shimmering bases on glass spheres.

Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner in Minneapolis offers intellectual property (IP) protection services for software, medical technology and telecom technologies, with Lundberg providing patent protection in these fields. Additionally, this firm boasts an education division called SLW Institute to offer IP education programs.

Daniel Salazar has been a mainstay at our studio from its inception, specialising in California-style paperweights and glass art. Each piece signed by him features his name alongside that of our studio – his skills having attracted collectors and galleries alike.

Achievement and Honors

Lundberg’s work can be found in permanent collections including those at the Smithsonian Institution, White House, Corning Museum of Glass, Art Institute of Chicago and Bergstrom-Mahler Museum – with his creations also appearing in fine galleries and catalogs worldwide.

Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner of Minneapolis employs approximately 314 staff and offers services related to Intellectual Property law. Mr. Acker is one of its Principals.

Lundberg attended two classes with University of Botswana students while at Grinnell and learned more about Botswana culture through interactions with its residents. Her study abroad experiences, made possible thanks to donors, have given her more preparation for life after graduation; she is considering becoming a pastor or college chaplain and has applied to Masters of Divinity programs; these opportunities gave her a firm base upon which to start this journey.

Personal Life

Steven Lundberg is one of the founding partners of Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner, an intellectual Property law firm. His practice encompasses patent protection for software, medical and telecommunications technology as well as related opinion and licensing matters. Steven is also coeditor of Software and Electronic Patents treatise.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Minnesota and later obtained a Juris Doctorate at William Mitchell College of Law, becoming a lawyer eight years ago.

He began his glassblowing career alongside James Lundberg at Nouveau Glass in the late 1960s, later working with him at Davenport. He was one of the pioneers in Contemporary American Studio Glass movement as well as an early advocate of California torchwork paperweight process.

Net Worth

Fredrik Lundberg earned a bosses degree from Stockholm School of Financial Matters before joining his family business, L E Lundbergforetagen AB, which provides land and venture arrangements. Fredrik is CEO and President of this organization as well as owning much real estate himself – making him one of the largest investors.

Steven continued working under Nouveau Glass until 1997 in California before creating a studio with Ola and Justin in Oregon. Unfortunately Steven passed away from ALS in 2008 and was succeeded by Justin. Steven is famous for his unique torch-work technique which allows him to draw with colored glass molten at extremely hot temperatures creating unique one-off pieces which have been displayed worldwide galleries and catalogs.

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