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Stephen Madigan, MD

Stephen Madigan, MD brings over three decades of healthcare experience. His practice can be found at 9705 Lenexa Dr, Lenexa, Kansas 66215. Additionally, he accepts multiple insurance plans and is board-certified in Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology.

Discover how Narrative Therapy techniques can enhance therapeutic work with children. In this video, Stephen Madigan shows how Narrative Therapy techniques can help separate children from their problems and empower them by helping them retell their narratives.

Early Life and Education

As well as his immediate family members, he leaves behind many cousins and friends.

Madigan began his public service career in 1967 as a hearing examiner with the Illinois Commerce Commission and assistant corporation counsel for Chicago’s law department. Soon thereafter he quickly established himself in Chicago politics by acting as a ward committeeman, rewarding supporters with jobs within city and state offices.

He was also an active fundraiser, amassing power steadily like a squirrel saving up acorns for winter. Unlike most of his political colleagues, he largely avoided grand corruption schemes; rather he served as a smart, self-effacing enforcer of party discipline – often sponsoring or voting in favour of state pension reform bills that passed his committees.

Professional Career

Madigan set his priorities straight early. Determined to earn his degree in psychology from New Mexico State University (NMSU), Madigan knew his priorities were different than many high school athletes pursuing professional sports careers without attending college.

He quickly advanced at Northeastern to assistant coach of the Huskies for seven seasons, recruiting top players while making his mark in Hockey East.

Seligman was best known for his poststructural approach to narrative therapy, based on the notion that people live multiple interwoven narratives in their lives and problems do not reside solely within one of them. He established the first narrative therapy training clinic in Northern Hemisphere; his work also drew on anti-individualist ideas advanced by David Epston and Michael White.

Achievement and Honors

Madigan is widely recognized for revolutionizing cognitive psychology by revitalizing research on verbal learning and memory. Additionally, his studies have contributed to developing diagnostic tests for Alzheimer’s disease.

Madigan was renowned at USC as a professor renowned for her open door policy and sharp mind, both qualities which would inform and entertain her students.

Madigan became Chicago’s youngest ward committeeman when his 13th Ward precinct captains elected him committeeman in 1969, making him one of its youngest. Today, his ward organization is widely considered as among the most disciplined in Chicago.

Madigan became embroiled in a feud with Democratic Party leaders Governor Rod Blagojevich and Senate President Emil Jones during the late 2000s, winning Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s impeachment through Madigan’s efforts in 2008. Madigan leaves behind his loving mother, sister and young daughter as his legacy.

Personal Life

Dr Stephen Madigan is an esteemed couple therapist and best-selling therapy author who shares his highly effective approach to couples therapy at graduate psychology programs worldwide. Additionally, his private practice in Vancouver sees on average four or five couples per day for therapy sessions.

He was an enthusiastic supporter of USC Dornsife, serving twice on its academic review board for experimental psychology. Additionally, he belonged to Western Psychological Association, Psychonomic Society and Sigma Xi: The Scientific Research Society.

Michael Madigan’s key to success was a political strategy he called “nobody-but-Michael-Madigan”. While his peers used social media or charismatic charismatic to draw voters, Madigan instead relied on family, friends and cronies to manipulate the system in his favor.

Net Worth

Madigan and Getzendanner has established an immensely successful law firm specializing in property tax reduction for owners of large downtown buildings. According to reports in The Chicago Sun-Times, Madigan & Getzendanner had won nearly $44 million worth of refunds over 10 years for Chicago property holders alone and approximately $14 million worth for suburban Cook County landowners.

Madigan’s firm’s practice of lowering property taxes shifts the tax burden onto other taxpayers while siphoning off needed revenue from schools, sparking outrage from Madigan’s critics like Republican Governor Bruce Rauner who contend that such activity violates state ethics laws.

Steve Brown, Madigan’s spokesman, insisted he strictly follows all state and party regulations, and does not publicly reveal his clients as Illinois is one of only 26 states that does not require this disclosure.

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