Steven Maher

Steven Maher is a Real Estate Broker specializing in the Sale of Multifamily Investment Properties

Steven Maher is dedicated to providing his clients with expertise that meets their individual goals. His knowledge of the current real estate market makes him adept at property evaluation.

Maher also handles mass tort and class action cases as part of Williams, Zografos & Peck.

Real Estate

Steven Maher is an esteemed senior real estate broker specializing in multifamily investment properties. Known for his thoroughness, professionalism and commitment to his clients – always up-to-date on current market trends and property evaluations – Steven is extremely attentive to meeting each of their individual needs and strives to exceed expectations.

Maher has earned recognition both for his real estate work and fundraising successes. He led several campaigns – such as raising $2 Million Endowed Lead Gift at Hackensack Meridian Health Foundation; was Director of Philanthropic Improvement at Baylor Scott and White Health Foundation of Texas where he oversaw a $5 Million Campaign supporting Round Rock Cancer Center; prior to that he worked at CCS Fundraising of Baltimore, MD.


Maher is a visual and relational artist whose practice explores collaboration and dialogue. Her practice engages music as cultural artifacts to understand its power both for emancipation and subjugation.

Maher’s work incorporates humor and small communities as partners, such as with his latest project “Heavy Metal Detector”. For this walk-workshop-performance hybrid he used modified metal detectors to play heavy metal music at urban walks throughout Helsinki.

Real Time, hosted by Maher, features an opening comic monologue discussing current affairs followed by interviews with pundits, authors, activists, actors or politicians from a range of fields; guests may include pundits, authors, activists, actors or politicians. Broadcast live from Comedy Central studio in Los Angeles and distributed globally via CBS News; it has received 41 Primetime Emmy nominations – winning one in 2015. In addition to television and film projects he has written two books himself while remaining an avid sports enthusiast.


Steve Maher has handled thousands of cases related to personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, dangerous drugs and devices, automobile negligence, patent infringement lawsuits and class action suits over his nearly 30 year legal career. Additionally, Steve is involved with various prestigious legal organizations which enable him to network with fellow attorneys and professionals.

He is a retired law enforcement executive and military officer with over three decades of experience serving with both law enforcement agencies and military units, including as an O-6 Colonel in the New York Air National Guard and former US Navy commissioned officer and peace officer. Additionally, he serves as a consultant, attorney, and university professor who specializes in issues of law, security, ethics and leadership for private industry businesses, government organizations and educational institutions.

The majority attempts to distinguish Markowitz on the basis that congressional inducement for Markowitz was for one specific site; by comparison, their invitation for prospecting across all of public domain in Rockhound Area is less “particular.” See Id. at 1042-43 &n 4. This argument falls flat.


Maher has an extensive career history within the Pleasanton school district, serving both as principal and teacher. Now running for one of three open seats available this November’s election, he has been joined by many supporters at campaign rallies and events recently.

Maher’s article attempts to shed light on environmental pollution; however, its clarity and relevance fall short due to a lack of scientific evidence supporting his argument. For instance, Maher fails to mention any adverse health consequences caused by high levels of pollutants which should also be discussed as part of the debate.

Bill Maher, best known for introducing politics to late night with Politically Incorrect and Real Time, suggested on Joe Rogan Experience this week that he may have reached his tipping point regarding excessive government spending. According to him, wasteful use of tax dollars for pet projects or other unnecessary expenditure could finally push him over the edge.

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