Steven Main

Steven Main is a Trial Attorney at the University of Nevada, Reno

Steven Main is an experienced trial attorney, offering representation to clients in commercial litigation, insurance coverage disputes and civil tort claims. As an advocate he has extensive jury trial experience.

Steven stands out as being more complex and realistic than Marc, having his own distinct English accent that makes him seem credible and likeable.

Early Life and Education

Steven Spector is one of Marc Spector’s alter egos that viewers first encounter on Marvel’s Moon Knight, depicted as an elite Wall Street investor who funds Moon Knight’s crime-fighting adventures. However, this version differs significantly from how this character was intended in Marvel comics.

Steve excelled academically but also enjoyed playing practical jokes. In high school, he began experimenting with marijuana and LSD as part of the counterculture movement.

After his father passed away and mother became ill, Stephen moved with his family to Maine. While in Maine he taught himself how to read and write. Additionally he began dabbling in electronics by building circuit boards from books. This eventually led him to meet inventor Steve Wozniak whom they would disassemble radios together and dissect to determine how they worked.

Professional Career

Steven Main has over two decades of experience representing clients in complex business litigation matters. He handles cases related to non-compete agreements, indemnification provisions and real estate disputes.

Erich also represents companies and individuals in claims involving fraudulent inducement, breach of fiduciary duties, tortious interference and misappropriation of trade secrets. His clients include Manheim Remarketing, Cox Enterprises, Sun Chemical Corp and The Martin-Brower Acquisition Company L.L.C.

Steven is an engaging character. Despite his dire circumstances, his plight is made all the more heart-wrenching by its poignancy; Oscar Isaac’s portrayal perfectly captures that spirit of hero laden down by too much burden to carry alone; this characteristic sets Steven apart from many of the other characters in Moon Knight.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Main has received many honors and awards throughout his career. He served as 2000 Wilson Lecturer of Chemistry at UNI and served on both College of Natural Sciences Advisory Board and Students First Campaign Steering Committee. Both Steven and Merry Main have an incredible 23-year giving history with the University.

Main has made his mark both academically and professionally, but also as an artist. An experienced glassblower with many exhibitions and shows under his belt.

He possesses an unparalleled talent for creating abstract designs in his blown glass pieces, using hand-pulled cane (small glass rods) laid out in mosaic-like fashion on a heated steel marver and collected by a hot pipe to be blown into them by hand.

Personal Life

Steven provides assistance to both emerging, venture capital-backed companies as well as established, Fortune 500 businesses in terms of mergers, acquisitions, securities issues and other strategic transactions. In addition, he advises leaders on corporate governance practices as well as reputational risk mitigation.

Steven, unlike most of Marc Spector’s alter egos, is depicted on television show as an easygoing museum gift shop employee with a crippling sleep disorder. This adds authenticity and makes his knee-jerk reactions feel genuine – such as when Layla discovers that he had stood her up.

Steven is part of the Complex Litigation group and provides representation in numerous commercial litigation matters, such as representing title insurance and escrow agents as well as defending debt collection claims and professional liability cases.

Net Worth

Seagal has amassed significant wealth during his career as an actor, producer, director, and martial arts master. His movies have been box office hits while he has also starred in several television shows like A&E Network’s Lawman and The CW’s Code Red action drama series.

Cohen is also an investor, owning shares in both the New York Mets baseball team and fractionalized shares in works of art on Masterworks platform. Additionally, he has formed partnerships with Belk and The General Insurance; appearing in commercials for Radio Shack as an endorsement.

A person’s net worth can be defined as the total value of all of their assets (cash in checking and savings accounts, investments and real estate/vehicles owned) subtracted from all debts such as credit card balances or mortgage payments.

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