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Steve Manko utilizes his extensive financial background to assist clients in meeting their business goals. He has worked with both public and private companies of different industries at different stages of development.

He has been employed as CFO by SkyWater Technology Inc for three years and estimates his net worth to be approximately $6.53M.

Early Life and Education

Steven Manko is a man of many talents. A professional actor, business owner and father he has an exciting tale to tell while always seeking new creative outlets.

After spending many years working in business, Manko made the leap into acting seriously by moving to Los Angeles and taking his passion seriously. Soon thereafter, his hard work and dedication paid off when he quickly secured roles in both independent films and television series – directors kept coming back for him because of his focused yet good-natured performances as an inspiring storyteller who wasn’t afraid to take risks and follow his dream! His wide array of acting abilities allows him to portray any character from reluctant hero to malicious villain.

Professional Career

According to ZoomInfo, Steve Manko has worked for four different companies over his career. His current position as Chief Financial Officer at SkyWater Technology for three years and is located in Minnesota in United States.

He holds an outstanding degree from Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law, as well as serving as a federal judicial extern for Honorable Judge D. Brooks Smith from the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Manko has long held an interest in community development and affordable housing. As the initial consultant to launch the Long Island Campaign for Affordable Housing, he spearheaded its organization of over 100 non-profit, business, and voluntary organizations working together on legislation proposal as well as public relations strategies to support an ambitious housing production strategy in Long Island and Suffolk Counties.

Personal Life

Steve graduated with distinction from Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law where he served as a federal judicial extern to Honorable Judge D. Brooks Smith at the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Admitted to practice law in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York. Steve lives in Western New York where he enjoys spending his free time outdoors watching both the Buffalo Bills and Sabres play sports while practicing orienteering.

On July 30th 2019 he filed a Family Marriage Dissolution/Divorce Suit against Alana Nicole Manko and their child.

Net Worth

Steve Manko is currently the CFO of SkyWater Technology Inc and owns 413,174 shares worth over $6.53M. In the last two years he conducted seven insider trades – his biggest being on 14 November 2018 when he purchased 142,850 Safeguard Scientifics stock for over $499,975. Stay informed when Joseph buys or sells SFE shares here and view his entire trading history here* *Stock prices as of 14 August 2020 may change at any time without prior notice.

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