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Steven McCullough Net Worth – Current Estimated Worth of Judge Steven McCullough

Steven McCullough is a highly acclaimed artist with his paintings adorning numerous galleries around the country. Additionally, he is an eminent researcher in human-animal studies as well as animal welfare science ethics and law, publishing numerous studies in these areas.

He utilizes his core leadership abilities and Blackaby coaching training to assist CEOs in Charleston and Savannah. He takes great joy in assisting business owners integrate faith with work.

Early Life and Education

Steven McCullough serves as Superintendent for Educational Service District 123 in rural Eastern Washington. He holds both a bachelor’s degree in economics from Pacific Lutheran University, along with teaching credentials, and an M.Ed from Washington State University specializing in education psychology.

Formerly hosting PBS programs Smithsonian World and The American Experience on television, and having narrated many documentary films like Ken Burns’ Brooklyn Bridge, Civil War, and FDR; as well as authoring historical biographies including those on John Adams and Truman; he is now a member of the Society of American Historians.

He leaves behind his beloved wife Frances McCullough of Monte Vista, CO; their children Lynn, Julia and James McCullough Griffith as well as Dr. Lindsey McCullough Paulson as well as their grandchildren; all who cherishes his memory as an incredible and committed husband and father. He was always very proud to have him as part of their lives.

Professional Career

McCullough is widely recognized for her expertise in insurance and risk management. She has published in renowned insurance journals like Journal of Insurance Regulation and CPCU eJournal. Additionally, Florida State University and State Farm Insurance Company awarded research grants to her for this research.

She currently works as a clinical professor of internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, performing stress tests and echocardiograms as part of her clinical practice. Additionally, she is recognized as an authority on COVID-19 illnesses and welcomes back recovered patients into her practice.

Academically, she specializes in human-animal studies as well as animal welfare science, ethics and law. She has published on diverse topics within these fields; most recently she examined how sentient animals’ interests are taken into account by British government policy.

Achievement and Honors

McCullough has won both the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award twice, in addition to receiving America’s highest civilian award – The Presidential Medal of Freedom. Additionally he was honored with Francis Parkman Prize and invited into Society of American Historians as a fellow historian.

His debut book, The Johnstown Flood, was inspired by his hometown and the 1889 disaster which claimed over 2000 lives in Pittsburgh. This bestseller propelled his writing career forward.

McCullough is well known as both an author and historian, appearing on numerous public television programs as an expert commentator, including Ken Burns’ Brooklyn Bridge and The Civil War documentaries as narrator. Additionally, he has won multiple awards and honorary degrees throughout his career.

Personal Life

Steven is an extremely proud father to two children and grandfather to three. He attended Batesville High School before matriculating at the University of Arkansas Fayetteville; currently, he resides in Evansville and works at Communities In Schools; one of America’s largest and most effective organizations devoted to keeping kids in school and helping them thrive throughout life.

His research encompasses multidisciplinary fields of human-animal studies and animal welfare science, ethics and law. He has published on topics ranging from Brexit’s effect on UK government policymaking to how interests of sentient animals are considered when policymaking occurs in Britain.

As a member of Allisonville Disciples of Christ Christian Church and serving as deacon, he leaves behind his adoring wife Sheila Wimmer McCullough as well as their daughter Meredith.

Net Worth

Forbes and various online resources estimate Judge Steven McCullough to have an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. He earned this money as a professional Judge, hailing from Marseille, France. However, his personal life remains undisclosed at present as no one knows of their relationship status with him.

He serves as Lead Independent Director of First United, a publicly-traded company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. As per Form 4 filed with the SEC, he has made 24 trades of FUNC stock since 2015. As per this Form 4, he currently owns at least 54,712 units of their shares.

He is well known for his vibrant paintings that capture authentic images from Southwest culture and history. His pieces can be seen throughout the region at galleries and events such as Santa Fe Indian Market, Heard Museum Indian Market (Phoenix) and Phippen Western Artists Show (Prescott). Furthermore, some pieces from his portfolio have even been displayed at museums.

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