Steven Messer

Steven Messer – A Real Estate Professional

Steven Messer is an award-winning real estate professional renowned for using transparency, focus, passion and knowledge to help his clients attain excellence in luxury market property transactions. He earned a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering and management from Purdue University.

Messer asserts that trial counsel’s failure to object to the State’s final argument injected prejudicial considerations into their jury’s verdict of guilt.

Early Life and Education

Steve left an incredible legacy and will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.

He grew up in Mitchell, South Dakota and graduated from Stickney High School before enrolling at Dakota Wesleyan University.

Early on in his real estate career, he immersed himself into the industry and has assisted both locals and international sellers and buyers with property sales and investments. Working primarily in coastal California communities as well as Silicon Valley, San Francisco, the greater Sacramento area and Fair Oaks; handling both residential and commercial properties for sale/rent; earning numerous awards for outstanding customer service – earning him respect among his colleagues within the real estate industry.

Professional Career

Steve Messer brings over two decades of real estate industry expertise, an eye for quality properties and exceptional client services to the real estate industry. Working alongside developers, investors, property owners and sellers; Steven is well versed in commercial, industrial, office, multi-family retail projects.

His intervention style is informed by developmentalism and existialism, in that his goal for therapy should be helping clients overcome inherent difficulties and suffering in life. He specializes in working with adult clients facing a broad array of psychological concerns and disorders which are common clinical practice at varying severity levels.

He and his sister co-founded LinkShare Corporation, an advertising network that monetises websites through performance based links. Rakuten acquired it for $150 Million in 2005.

Achievement and Honors

Stefan Messer boasts a distinguished history in the gas industry. In 2018, he led his group’s acquisition of assets divested by Praxair-Linde’s merger in America, expanding their geographic footprint.

Dr. Dwyer also conducts research on social parasitism among ants and other insects, studying their taxonomy, phylogeny and evolution. His findings have been featured in leading scientific journals as well as presented at academic conferences.

As a professor at Weatherhead, he also teaches courses focusing on the dynamics of entrepreneurship, including courses that address leadership and team building. His knowledge of individual values reflected in organizational life is unrivaled – his teaching has received multiple awards and commendations over time.

Personal Life

Steve is an experienced real estate professional serving Southern California, Silicon Valley and beyond. His client list includes buyers, sellers, investors, builders, developers and corporations alike. Steve’s project experience ranges from hospitals, laboratories, multi-family housing developments, office buildings parking structures distribution centers.

As a hobby, he enjoys gardening and spending time outside. Additionally, he’s passionate about travel; recently taking advantage of Hawaii’s incredible snorkeling opportunities for an incredible snorkeling trip experience.

Messer was charged following a tip received from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Authorities discovered his images by tracking an IP address to Best Hall at Trine University; according to them he is facing multiple counts of child sex crime.

Net Worth

Steven Messer boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million, amassing it from his primary career as a Businessman.

In 1996, he co-founded LinkShare with his sister. The company provided websites the ability to monetize traffic with performance-based ads, quickly growing until being acquired by Rakuten Inc. in 2005 and rebranded Rakuten LinkShare.

Messer is an experienced real estate agent with an expansive local and international clientele. He understands the significance of mentally, physically, and emotionally preparing both property and seller for marketing and selling processes.

Steven serves corporate relocations, investors, builders, developers, attorneys and architects among his client list. Steven is known as an expert on coastal California communities such as Silicon Valley and the Peninsula while also working with high-net-worth clients such as luxury buyers and sellers worldwide.

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