Steven Nickell

Steven Nickell of Salem Won a $150.4 Million Powerball Jackpot in June

Steven Nickell of Salem won a $150.4 million Powerball jackpot and purchased his ticket from Circle K on Liberty Road South. After taxes, Steven opted for taking out a lump sum payout of $61 Million.

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Early Life and Education

Nick Nickell has all of the hallmarks of success as an individual from the 1960s who rose through their ranks: He advises both Labour and Conservative governments, co-authored one of the key new left texts on unemployment, and used to invite Marianne Faithful for tea parties.

He bears all the signs of having spent much time traveling – once even taking an ambulance ride to Beirut with Roger Waters (then still struggling as a singer with Pink Floyd).

He enjoys UK basketball, volunteering with his church’s kitchen crew and coaching his grandson’s t-ball team. In his free time he enjoys reading. A history professor at Southeast Missouri State University as well as regional historian, his expertise on Southeast Missouri State is widely acknowledged and plans for retirement on January 1 and a new career in historical preservation is planned.

Professional Career

He has served on multiple industry committees responsible for national and regional electric reliability coordination as well as energy market policies, in addition to serving on various community and philanthropic boards.

He spends much of his free time playing bridge and poker with friends and family, as well as being an avid sports fan, especially watching his local baseball team compete. Currently residing in Andes, NY with his wife and two young sons.

He previously served as an M&A Investment Banker at Milestone Partners, a lower middle market private equity firm. He earned both his Bachelor’s, with distinction, from University of Richmond and Masters in Business Administration from The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania respectively. In addition to these degrees he serves on both boards – the Foundation for Economic Education in Philadelphia as well as Heritage Christian Academy in Mt Sterling as trustees.

Achievement and Honors

As well as his professional accomplishments, Mr. Moore was an active community member and volunteer. He served as the former president of Missouri Baptist Convention as well as serving on Associated Baptist Press/Baptist News Global board for 10 years until he retired last year.

He wrote two books, including his memoir about his 2012 kidnapping and one on bacteria’s history. Jeremy Berk is survived by his wife Shirley, sons Jeremy and Dr. Justin Berk as well as granddaughters Maya and Maggie.

No matter where your scientific travels lead you – be it west to Tucson’s Titan Missile Museum or east towards Chicago’s Fermi National Accelerator Center – Nickell’s book can assist with making sure every stop on your itinerary counts as monumental sites and resources are covered. Order it through Amazon!

Personal Life

“My heart is breaking, my soul is hurting, and life will never be the same again,” wrote she in her journal entry. Among others, she sent prayers out for those affected by the massacre as well as for Nickell’s son who survived it all.

Oregon Lottery officials say Steven Nickell purchased his winning ticket at Circle K in Salem and carried it for two weeks before realizing he had won prize money.

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Net Worth

Salem resident Steven Nickell was one of Oregon’s biggest lottery winners when he won a Powerball jackpot of $150.4 million in June. He claimed the money would help take care of his family; plans included hiring a financial planner and lawyer before using some of it for charity giving. Unfortunately, scammers quickly capitalized on Nickell’s good fortune and sent emails claiming to be from Lottery officials offering them $1 Million as compensation if anyone replied back! Unfortunately for Steven, scammers took full advantage of his good fortune by sending emails claiming to be Lottery winners promising them $1 Million up front to responders!

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