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Profile of Steven Pappas

Steven Pappas is an associate in Sterne Kessler’s Electronics Practice Group and represents clients in patent litigation and prosecution matters. Additionally, he has participated in multiple post-grant proceedings (inter partes review and covered business method review proceedings before the USPTO) as both patent owner and petitioner representation.

Early Life and Education

Steven Pappas was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming to a military family and moved around both domestically and internationally over his 22-year service career in both military and government positions. An avid traveler who documented his trips through photographs taken on every journey taken with Maria as his travel partner; together they owned Victory Diner in New Dorp until it closed down in 2007.

During his time in Hawaii, he also conducted cognitive assessments for students with learning difficulties or Autism Spectrum Disorder, earning praise from administration, staff, and families he served.

His current residence is Kauai and works for Hawaii Behavioral Health where he offers psychotherapy to children, adolescents and adults alike, specialising in trauma recovery, addiction recovery and relationship counselling. Mokihana also offers cognitive therapy sessions specifically targeted towards families of students with learning disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Professional Career

Steven Pappas is an M&A equity investment professional with more than 15 years of experience. He has held senior roles at multiple financial institutions and created his own private investment partnership, as well as having established strong relationships with both business owners and C-level executives.

He specializes in omnichannel customer engagement and developing efficient processes for creating one-on-one customer experiences, having led several projects that increased internal customer satisfaction while improving retention rates.

He previously worked as an associate in Sterne Kessler’s Electronics Practice Group where he focused on software and database systems, such as developing a tool to detect reliability issues in web applications. Furthermore, he conducted research into software system reliability as well as being an author of multiple publications on this topic.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Pappas made history as the first baseball player since pre-designated hitter era to hit a home run during a 1-0 victory against Cincinnati Reds on April 18, 1962 – this feat wasn’t repeated again until 2015 when Nathan Karns performed the same feat.

Pappas also serves as President of United Way of Rockland County and is an avid supporter of both arts and sports, hosting fundraisers for local causes.

Dulaney High School congratulates Steven Pappas, one of 29 students chosen as Commendations Students for the 2013 National Merit Program. This achievement recognizes Steven’s exceptional academic promise demonstrated through outstanding performance on the 2011 PSAT Exam and selection criteria include likelihood to become college scholars.

Personal Life

Steve is well-known for his passions of cooking, walking along South Beach boardwalk and spending quality time with family. Additionally, Steve enjoys playing chess, watching great movies and reading; often lending support to his friends with special needs when needed.

He has composed two charming pieces of music, La Noche Cai Suavemente and Lady Zoe’s Dance, both composed in tribute of Zoe his beloved Cairn Terrier. La Noche Cai Suavemente was inspired by Majorcan composer Bartolome Calatayud while Lady Zoe’s Dance is dedicated to her.

Steve has also volunteered with Catholic Charities, Age Song Institute, and Stanford University Cystic Fibrosis Program. Additionally, he holds both an MBA and Masters of Science in Computer Engineering from Columbia University and has conducted extensive research into practical software systems including modern operating systems and database management systems.

Net Worth

Milt Pappas married Carole, mother of his children, and had two daughters. After retiring from baseball he owned and ran Milt Pappas’ Scotch & Sirloin restaurant in Baltimore while working for beer distributors as well as selling building supplies.

He later made the transition to sports commentating and became the voice of Baltimore’s sports radio station WJLA-FM; during this period he would often appear as a guest on local talk shows.

Bill Pappas completed two insider transactions totaling $14,857 within the past 18 months and currently owns 7.857 shares of MetLife Inc stock.

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