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Contemporary Impressionism by Steven Quartly

Steven Quartly of Southern California creates oils on canvas paintings inspired by contemporary impressionism. From high school through college, his dedication to depicting what he sees has resulted in vibrant works such as this.

Amidst all these intricate details are breathtaking scenes ranging from majestic landscapes and urban-Europe districts, to intimate still lifes or simple still lives that captivate with their balance and color palettes.

Early Life and Education

Steven Quartly began oil painting at age 13, demonstrating a passion for life, nature and color. His distinctive style draws viewers and collectors from around the globe; using both paint brush and pallet knife techniques he creates dynamic works featuring forced perspective with vibrant color and texture combinations.

Steven’s paintings elicit emotion and passion in viewers of all kinds, be they classic European village corners, sprawling vineyards in California or Mediterranean seascapes. Steven is passionate about nature, drawing much of his inspiration from living near the coast of Southern California where he is married with four children he can often be found surfing before work begins.

Professional Career

Quartly creates impressionistic oils on canvas from his studio in Southern California, specializing in Contemporary Impressionism. He takes great joy in depicting his world; thus creating vibrant works such as European city scenes, Mediterranean seascapes, or California landscapes all on one blank white canvas.

He is known for using forced perspective and bright color combinations to draw the viewer in and evoke passion and emotion through brush strokes and pallet knife work. His overall philosophy centers on faith in God and an intent to explore life’s beauty through art.

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Personal Life

Steve Quartly is an artist of faith whose devotion to humanity shines through in his paintings. Beginning oil painting at 13 years old and training classically has enabled him to craft his signature style that resonates with collectors across the world.

His style consists of an exciting blend of forced perspective, vibrant color and texture that draws the viewer in. Additionally, whimsical brush strokes and pallet knife work add personality and emotion into his pieces.

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