Steven Raab

Steven Raab

Steven Raab is the Chairman of The InSource Group, a provider of IT services and highly qualified IT professionals on contract basis. Additionally, he serves on several company boards and belongs to organizations like Middle East Leadership Academy/Central Eurasian Leadership Academy/Dallas Council on Foreign Relations/SMU Tower Center Forum.

Early Life and Education

Steven Raab was raised in England as the son of a banker. He attended Dr Challoner’s Grammar School in Amersham before volunteering on Kibbutz Sarid for six months. Following graduation from Oxford with a degree in Law, Steven found employment at Linklaters in London as a lawyer.

He later established his own rare documents business, operating out of his basement. He has made appearances on Piers Morgan Tonight show and was featured in a documentary about discovering an original tape recording documenting events after President Kennedy was assassinated.

In 2023, Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor for Boris Johnson was forced to step down after two formal bullying complaints were lodged by civil servants against him.

Professional Career

Steven Raab is the founder of The Steven Raab Collection, a company which specializes in selling historical autographs. Additionally, he serves as chairman for The InSource Group which offers various IT services and highly qualified IT professionals on a contract basis to clients.

Formerly, he served as a partner of Eisner Amper LLP’s Philadelphia Family Owned and Closely Held Business Group as well as their Business Valuation practice. Additionally, he holds memberships in Middle East and Central Eurasian Leadership Academies, Dallas Council on Foreign Relations Tower Center Forum at SMU and Society of International Business Fellows.

His passions include social innovation, travel, hand and shotgun sports (especially fox hunting), equestrian sports ( specifically horseback fox hunting ) and aviation. Ginny shares this same interest while sharing a mutual affection for their two rescued Golden Retrievers!

Achievement and Honors

Steven Raab is an esteemed businessman and television producer, winning multiple industry accolades including over 50 New York Emmy Awards for his coverage of professional and collegiate sports teams in the Tri-State area. Additionally, he founded InSource Group-an IT services provider located in Dallas-Texas– which currently employs more than 400 people.

He initiated and hosted Germany’s national pre-election show Unser Star fur Oslo (German for “Our Star for Oslo”) where Germany’s entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2010 was chosen. Additionally, he created and hosted TV total until 2015.

Philanthropically active in various non-profit organizations, he serves as chairman of Dallas Social Venture Partners and takes an active part in Mothers Against Teen Violence. Furthermore, he sits as board member on KemperSports–one of the world’s premier golf course management companies–and KemperLesnik–an award winning sports marketing and public relations agency.

Personal Life

Steven Raab C’70 likes to claim that he has many “friends with dead people.” By his own account, as a rare-documents dealer he appears to have more than his share.

His business has flourished for three decades and assisted collectors in forming some of the finest collections worldwide. Furthermore, they have discovered significant documents and advised institutions such as Library of Congress and British Library.

Raab enjoys travel, hand and shotgun sports, aviation and holds an instrument rating for both. Together with Ginny, they have two children. Additionally, Raab serves as chairman of The InSource Group which provides information technology services on contract basis as well as serving on KemperSports board membership and KemperLesnik being one of the premier sports marketing and PR firms respectively.

Net Worth

Steven Raab has seen considerable success as both a writer and host, boasting a net worth of over $1 Million and receiving wide recognition in the media for his efforts.

Steven is an enthusiastic outdoorsman and proudly holds his private pilot license. Together with Ginny, they enjoy motorcycling, hand and shotgun sports as well as equestrian sports including fox hunting. Additionally, both are passionate about the rescue golden retrievers they share their home with.

He is also the founding member and chairman of The InSource Group, a provider of IT technical staffing on contract or project basis. Additionally, he boasts extensive management and sales experience both vertical industry markets and IT.

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