Steven Sandusky

Steven Sandusky

Hodne stood out among many campus rapists during the mid and late ’70s due to his repeated attacks. The Daily Collegian published three-part series detailing these assaults without ever mentioning Hodne directly.

Nearly everyone knows about the first story, which reached a dramatic climax 10 years ago. Less well known is its sequel.

Early Life and Education

Regarding Sandusky’s lifelong commitment to Second Mile charity, its director was his chief fundraiser and cheerleader – its board members are an impressive list of State College-area personalities.

One of the allegations in the grand jury report stems from an incident that took place in 2002 – specifically, a shower incident between Sandusky and one of her students in which the boy revealed to his mother that Sandusky lathered up, put his hands on their breasts, and squeezed them tight before giving them a bear hug.

Mother of boy who reported this case. Karen Probst responded quickly by organizing a meeting between boy, his mother and youth services worker; according to Probst’s reasoning she must consider circumstances and follow state law when making decision about punishment for bullying incidents.

Professional Career

Sandusky may have made a wise decision by forgoing his right to a preliminary hearing, opting to instead allow alleged victims share their stories openly in front of media. But experts caution that hearings would have allowed alleged victims to express themselves openly before the media and potentially undermined his defense case against him.

Huron Independent School District recently hired a new general education director – an Ohio University graduate and prior educator from a nearby high school – as they looked for something different in their careers.

A jury is deliberating over 48 counts of child sexual abuse against former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, and now there’s new allegations: his adopted son alleges he too is victim. NPR’s Jeff Brady reports from Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.

Achievement and Honors

Like many young athletes from small towns, Sandusky excelled in virtually every sport offered at Forestburg High School – football, tennis, golf, track & cross country but most notably basketball where he led his Longhorns team all the way to Class A state tournament in his senior year.

He qualified for three events at the state track meet, earning a bronze medal in the 400-meter run. Along with Riley, he reached regionals in tennis competitions and reached area round in cross country competition.

He was an active member of Ohio’s Fraternal Order of Police legislative committee for 26 years and became known for being an authoritative voice on law enforcement issues, being elected national president by his peers in 2001.

Personal Life

Steven Sandusky owns and manages his own private tax law practice as well as operating a sports bar and engaging in golfing activities. Additionally, his wife Karen works at a local hospital as a nurse nurse; they have two daughters together.

Betsy Sailor came to a hearing in October to share her account and was confronted by Hodne about being involved. Hodne gave an explanation as to his whereabouts on Sept 13, the date she was assaulted: He’d been watching Penn State play Temple with Frank Brickowski; on that night (when Sailor was assaulted) they attended a Phi Delt party hosted by Frank Brickowski in Philadelphia.

He claimed he’d visited White Castle with his girlfriend and used crack cocaine, but those claims didn’t hold up and he was eventually charged with rape, banned from campus and dismissed by the university.

Net Worth

Sandusky has an average Midwestern United States climate with hot summers and cold winters; its Koppen climate classification is Dfa. Additionally, Sandusky boasts several religious radio stations such as WGGN 97.7 FM (Contemporary Christian) and WMYQ 88.5 FM (Moody Bible Institute).

Sandusky played an integral part in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1855). Slave refugees would travel through Sandusky on their journey across Lake Erie towards Ontario in Canada; many would board boats along its shore. Sandusky Transit System operates public transportation throughout its service area while Toledo and Cleveland offer bus service as well.

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